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Bicycling Diaries, Part 1: Washington & Old Dominion Trail in Virginia

So what do you do with miles of railroads from the yesteryears, which are no longer operational? Abandon them? Thankfully, someone had better sense. Today, in the US there are quite a few of these railroads, converted into running and cycling trails. These provide a great place for those who want to indulge in these sporty activities without the hindrance of vehicular traffic. While visiting Virginia, the trail we cycled on is the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad (W&OD), now looked after by the Friends of WNOD.  This particular railroad ferried passengers between towns, from 1859 to 1968. With the increase in the number of vehicles and the improved road networks, the demand for passenger trains came down and finally they closed it down. It is a 45 mile asphalt trail for walking, running and other activities (motorized vehicles are not allowed) and there is a parallel 30.5 mile gravel path for horseback riding and hiking. So there are portions where the two trails intersect.  On weekends, these kind of dedicated trails (W&OD is one of them) …

Olaulim Backyards: Where time stands still, but a lot can happen!

They had me at Richard Parker! This cosy homestay, situated in a very quiet and serene part of Goa will transport you to another world all together. Away from the buzz and the humdrum, the noise and pollution of the city, it’s a relief as you step into what is literally a “backyard”! All around is just green as far as the eye can see. And a creek that lazily winds its way into the property completing the perfect picture. And fittingly, you know why this serene place is called Olaulim Backyards. Inhabited by a motley group of permanent residents (besides the hosts and their 2 kids) – three dogs, a pony, a donkey and a cat called Richard Parker – every moment is a delight. I was lucky to spend 3 days at Olaulim, in the peak of the monsoons and I don’t think I’ve seen Goa in a more beautiful season – bathed in rain, the countryside is a shade of green that you’ll never find in a concrete jungle. The roads are inviting, winding …

Going the Distance

Going the distance!

An account of a 400km ride covering Bangalore-Vellore-Bangalore in 26 hours and something minutes, as a part of the Bangalore Brevets. My cycling journey continues and gets more interesting as the years go by (at least for me). At times, I wish I’d started earlier in life (I wasted a lot of good years!), but I’m just glad I did finally get onto a saddle. Please follow and like us: