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KRSMA Wines: Aspiring to put India on the global wine map

Editor’s Note: I appreciate my wines. Red, white, rosé. Even the dessert variety, once in a while. I’m always excited to hear of new wines entering the market. The more, the merrier, right? So when I got an invite to sample a new wine label, I sent wine afficianado Smita Chakravorty to try out the new range of KSRMA wines that were launched recently. She came back with this heady report. ~~~~ Most Mondays for me are regular – the week ahead laden with all kinds of tasks to be ticked off my list, the weekend a much awaited but distant horizon to reach. This Monday held a few different promises! I had an invitation to a wine tasting at Chianti, a ristorante tucked away just off the 100 feet road in Indiranagar. My hosts were KRSMA estates and they were launching their new label – K2. I was greeted by my hostess, Uma Chigurapati, who seemed like another pleasant vintner until we got talking. It turned out that Uma and her husband Krishna Prasad, …

Arts & Crafts of Nirona

Rustic and unique: A glimpse into the crafts of Nirona

It’s a sunny day when the taxi driver pulls up in a rather non-descript looking village and drops me in front of an ATM. I don’t really see what he wants me to see. Yet. And then I see this guy, holding a smart phone, standing beside the ATM and I realize that there’s some invisible pact that my taxi driver and this person are already a part of. I don’t want to know too much. He comes forward and leads me on to my first stop in Nirona village. I am a few days into my Gujarat trip, starting from Bhuj and today my aim is discovering arts and crafts. I’ve always been inclined towards handmade and anything time consuming and local. And Gujarat is well-known for its variety when it comes to crafts so I won’t run out of things to see and experience. Craft is a truly fascinating domain. When machines and robots have taken over, there is even more charm to something handmade. Some call it a dying art, which some …

Kanha Forest

Tales from the jungle: Shergarh Tented Camp

Walking down a narrow path, fringed by bushes and trees, I couldn’t see too far ahead. But the road did lead somewhere – to the most beautiful cosy house welcoming you after what seemed like a very long road journey. A little further ahead, the path leads you to a large courtyard with sofas and chairs strewn around; relief for a tired traveller. The house has a wide verandah running all the way through, reminiscent of a Kerala style house. On one side is a water body and to the right, a large pond, reflecting the lush greenery. It was right out of a novel. It was perfect. I felt like I’d come home. The main house with the large courtyard: A place to relax! But let’s go back in time. I met Katie and Jehan Bhujwala in Goa, one of my favorite places to head to when I want to “get away”. In this piece of paradise called Olaulim Backyards created by the delightful Savio and Pirrko Fernandes, over delicious fresh fruits and cashew …

Aragosta al finocchietto

Sardinia on your plate: Food festival at JW Marriott’s Alba

This report contributed by Mukta Chakravorty in Bangalore. ~~ Authentic recipes passed on over generations If you, like me, are a die-hard fan of Italian cuisine, then get ready to tantalize your taste buds at Alba, the fine dining restaurant at the JW Marriott, Bangalore. For the first time the Chef de Cuisine, Antonello Cancedda, brings you an exclusive gourmet experience from the island of Sardinia, which also happens to be his hometown. Chef Antonello draws inspiration from the authentic recipes passed on to him from his ancestors over generations. On a Tuesday evening, we got an exclusive preview of the fare and what an enthralling gastronomic journey it turned out to be! The first thing you notice as you enter Alba is its classy and unique decor. The seating is in the amphitheatre style, with the tables arranged along a semi-circular stairway. There is a show kitchen which displays Italian herbs, fresh ingredients and a selection of wines, among other things. This space is used to set up live counters where the chef dishes …


Don’t miss the seafood lovers’ delight at BBQ Nation

Report contributed by Mukta Chakravorty. Good news for all seafood lovers in Bangalore! BBQ Nation is hosting a one-of-a-kind seafood festival – Treasures of the Sea – in all its outlets till February 8. On Thursday night, armed with a voracious appetite, we went to check out the fare on a special invitation. The first thing we noticed on entering the Indiranagar outlet of BBQ Nation, was that the ambience reflected the theme of the festival. So the staff were dressed in pirate hats, there were finishing nets on the ceiling, a wall that had a picture of Ariel, the mermaid. It put us in the mood to savour some of the delightful treats to come ahead. As we took our seats, we were greeted by Ritam Mukherjee, Regional Manager of the South for BBQ Nation who said that the festival was being organized for the fifth time in a row. The aim was to give seafood lovers a chance to indulge in some of the tastiest and freshest catch from the seas. The chef had ensured that the spread included a wide …


Losing a passport and why travel insurance proved useless

This post is all about “what happens when you lose a passport” and my personal experience with ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance. Yes. I did the “no 1” thing feared by most travellers. It features probably on the top of things NOT to do when on the road. Lose a passport; your most precious travel document. So how I lost it is not a very glamourous story. It has no masala or intrigue at all. I won’t get into the details. For the record, somewhere on the streets of Malaga (Spain), while on a sightseeing trip (on a cycle), I am quite sure the passport got lost (case of the open bag, carelessness of not closing it properly). But more importantly, what happens when you do happen to lose a passport? While it’s not something you hope will ever happen to you, there’s always a possibility. Having gone through this experience, here’s what I did and I hope will help anyone who lands up in this quandary. My second part details with travel insurance. In my …