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In search of the perfect dim sum: An anniversary special menu at Yauatcha

A dim sum evokes all kinds of feelings in me. I associate it with comfort food. Though traditionally it was meant to be an appetiser, I can eat it any time during the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner. And in between. There are moments I could do anything for that perfect steaming mouth-watering dim sum. It’s a seemingly simple dish – but one bite and you’re in foodie heaven. If you read this detailed guide, it will tell you that dim sum means “touch the heart” – it definitely does something to mine! My fellow foodie in Bangalore, Mukta Chakravorty, braved the incessant rains (and risked being stranded thanks to our infamous local disappearing cabbies of Bangalore), and came back with this report. Enjoy and bon appétit! ~~~~ A Michelin-star restaurant, baskets of steaming hot dim sums and cocktails – perfect combination for a rain-drenched Wednesday evening. We all know how the rains in the city throws everything off course. Afraid it would put a dampener and the traffic already looking menacing, it was …


A close encounter with the “king of wines”: Barolo Wine

Apart from tea, the only other beverage I’m partial to is wine. For me a perfect meal is complete with a glass of wine which complements the food. Given my love for this extremely complex drink with a rich history, it was only natural that I even made an attempt to study the art and science of wines. I couldn’t possibly keep swirling glasses, and not knowing what exactly I was doing! Anyway, you’re now talking to a wine aficionado (I won’t call myself a connoisseur yet, given I probably still have to complete a few more levels!). But while on my favorite topic of wines, let me talk about a particular varietal that I discovered on one of my journeys and have enjoyed (amongst many others). Some of my favorite wines come from regions in are France, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Italy. This particular wine I stumbled upon while traveling in Spain last year. I really enjoyed it; the rich flavor and the strong character of the wine were what made it memorable for …


KRSMA Wines: Aspiring to put India on the global wine map

Editor’s Note: I appreciate my wines. Red, white, rosé. Even the dessert variety, once in a while. I’m always excited to hear of new wines entering the market. The more, the merrier, right? So when I got an invite to sample a new wine label, I sent wine afficianado Smita Chakravorty to try out the new range of KSRMA wines that were launched recently. She came back with this heady report. ~~~~ Most Mondays for me are regular – the week ahead laden with all kinds of tasks to be ticked off my list, the weekend a much awaited but distant horizon to reach. This Monday held a few different promises! I had an invitation to a wine tasting at Chianti, a ristorante tucked away just off the 100 feet road in Indiranagar. My hosts were KRSMA estates and they were launching their new label – K2. I was greeted by my hostess, Uma Chigurapati, who seemed like another pleasant vintner until we got talking. It turned out that Uma and her husband Krishna Prasad, …

Aragosta al finocchietto

Sardinia on your plate: Food festival at JW Marriott’s Alba

This report contributed by Mukta Chakravorty in Bangalore. ~~ Authentic recipes passed on over generations If you, like me, are a die-hard fan of Italian cuisine, then get ready to tantalize your taste buds at Alba, the fine dining restaurant at the JW Marriott, Bangalore. For the first time the Chef de Cuisine, Antonello Cancedda, brings you an exclusive gourmet experience from the island of Sardinia, which also happens to be his hometown. Chef Antonello draws inspiration from the authentic recipes passed on to him from his ancestors over generations. On a Tuesday evening, we got an exclusive preview of the fare and what an enthralling gastronomic journey it turned out to be! The first thing you notice as you enter Alba is its classy and unique decor. The seating is in the amphitheatre style, with the tables arranged along a semi-circular stairway. There is a show kitchen which displays Italian herbs, fresh ingredients and a selection of wines, among other things. This space is used to set up live counters where the chef dishes …


Don’t miss the seafood lovers’ delight at BBQ Nation

Report contributed by Mukta Chakravorty. Good news for all seafood lovers in Bangalore! BBQ Nation is hosting a one-of-a-kind seafood festival – Treasures of the Sea – in all its outlets till February 8. On Thursday night, armed with a voracious appetite, we went to check out the fare on a special invitation. The first thing we noticed on entering the Indiranagar outlet of BBQ Nation, was that the ambience reflected the theme of the festival. So the staff were dressed in pirate hats, there were finishing nets on the ceiling, a wall that had a picture of Ariel, the mermaid. It put us in the mood to savour some of the delightful treats to come ahead. As we took our seats, we were greeted by Ritam Mukherjee, Regional Manager of the South for BBQ Nation who said that the festival was being organized for the fifth time in a row. The aim was to give seafood lovers a chance to indulge in some of the tastiest and freshest catch from the seas. The chef had ensured that the spread included a wide …


Chocolate fantasies come true at Jus’ Trufs

An invite to taste good chocolate is always welcome. Especially, if it’s sourced from Belgium! The founder of Jus’ Trufs, Chenddyna (pronounced Chandana) Schae tells me that the raw material is imported all the way from this far away European country. Jus Trufs is located on #9 Jakkur Road, around a kilometre off new Airport Road. Along with my chocolate loving better half for company, I landed up at the rather impressive four-storey building that now houses a cafe, a chocolate production unit and a large performance/workshop space on the top floor. Despite its location, the place is well frequented by people around that area who know about it. And if you thought Jus’ Trufs is just about chocolates, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We make ourselves comfortable and settle into the warm and cosy cafe, with some sandwiches, while the better half decides on a chocolate shot to start off the evening. Chenddyna began her venture as a home business many years ago. Quickly, the word about her delicious goodies got around and she began …