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Memorable Moments of 2011

Travels, journeys, and a lot of fun – both on land and underwater… A few forays into distant lands. Discovering hitherto unknown places. Culinary adventures aplenty. Ensuring that I ended the year much healthier than I started! But that’s what it’s all about. We all need resolutions and I definitely need to make most of them all over again…

A look back at the eventful year!

The lady in the kitchen
A lady prepares fresh hot dosas at a street side eatery in Bagalur, just across the border from Sarjapura town. This is our usual food stop when on a ride to that part of town.

Curiosity and the cat
Our little devil and tomcat, Tiki, walked into our home and lives in 2010 and continues to bring us a lot of amusement and joy, thanks to his antics!

Watching them go by

A bird’s eye view of rafting down the river, from the Glasshouse on the Ganges, Rishikesh, where I spent a few days earlier in the year, chilling out.

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Into the Light

Into the light!

2011 came without much warning.

I breezed through 2010. A lot of travel and work kept me busy and off the blog! The “project” I much wanted to launch didn’t see light of day (at least formally). But then, that’s life, I discovered. Most things you have on your “to do” list don’t get done and you’re staring at a nearly full list at the beginning of a fresh year.

into the light

But I am quite excited now. Filled with some apprehension. But excited, never the less. And why, you might ask?

For starters, after years of thinking about it, I’ve decided to fly solo. While I learnt a lot from corporate life, I think it’s time to try a few things on my own. See where the road “less taken” leads me…

I’ve discovered that while I really enjoyed my job, I was also not really concentrating on the different ideas I had in my head. So I’ve termed 2011 as my “Into the Light” year! I am going to explore dimensions and avenues and see what else I can do besides sitting in a well-decorated cubicle. Work was fun, I had a great team and I had a super manager (she knows who she is!). But I think it’s time.

So what am I going to be doing? Well, to be frank I haven’t had much time to breathe since the New Year – it’s been a flurry of coffee, tea and lunch meetings, conversations with interesting folks to see where I get involved and what I can do. Some folks reaching out to me with interesting projects related to writing, blogs, social media, photography etc. The next few months will probably see me figuring out what I can do best and in what way.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been hosting friends visiting me from Switzerland (Stephanie and her dad) and Mervyn and his wife Shinobu from Australia, who came by for a couple of days. It’s been a whirlwind week and a half with lots of fun stuff, shopping, photo walks, chilling out in Bangalore and a drive down to Mysore where we spent some time at of my favourite places – the Hillview Farms.

I am of course, now hoping to get more time to devote to my travel, writing and photography. I’m doing a lot of photo shoots these days so if any of you want portfolios, kids and family photos done, I’ll be happy to do it for you (with special launch offer :-). If you think there’s any area where I can help, or any assignments that you think can use my services, do reach out to me at anitabora at gmail dot com. I’m happy to hear from you and discuss possibilities…

Here’s to an exciting 2011!