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Monsoon ride

A monsoon ride to Linger

  • 4 motorbikes
  • 5 musketeers
  • Generous doses of rain
  • Dollops of delicious food
  • Loads of scenic routes and trails
  • Platefuls of hot bhajjiya
  • A few bottles of Coorg wine to taste
  • And 1 place to Linger around

Mix all of them and shake generously. And voila – you get a perfect monsoon weekend!

close on the wheels of...

The rains came down on us as soon as we entered Coorg. It was, as if, the higher powers had listened to us and granted our collective wish. We started off at around 6 am in the morning from Bangalore, stopping first at Kamat Lokaruchi (and how could we not?). Many idlis, chow chow baths and coffees later, we were back on the road again. If this would have gone as planned, we should have reached, in 5 hours. Ah, but it was not to be!
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No cycles please; we’re a star hotel!

A few days ago, a cyclist was turned away from the Leela Hotel’s main gate to a side parking lot on the road. He was there to attend a conference when his “humble” cycle did not pass the “high security standards” of the hotel. He refused, of course, (even I would!) the security guard’s suggestion to park on the side of the road.

You can follow the discussion here.

This was communicated to the Leela, but they couldn’t say much except that they can’t take responsibility of two wheelers and cycles parked on their premises. And that they have “security” policies that do not allow two wheeler parking. (Check out their Facebook page for their very defensive response). However, “security” is something they don’t offer cars either. The question is why they haven’t accounted for at least one parking space inside for two-wheelers and cycles – surely it can’t be a space issue considering it hardly takes any space to park 15-20 bikes (or cycles). The space offered currently to two wheelers and cyclists is on the side of the road – unsecured and especially so for a cycle.
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