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Alive is awesome

The magic of travel and why I do it

Looking back through the years, digging around my archives, re-living lost memories and dusting out old photographs as a part of the Alive and Awesome series of posts has been quite an interesting experience for me.

Alive is awesome
Why I travel: to witness sights like these

Sometimes, in the business of going about our humdrum activities and daily life, we need to latch on to some of these moments and I must say that I’ve been lucky to have lived through quite a few of them. So on those not so exciting days (which I hope gets over as soon), I try and bring back my memories and I feel better already.

Alive is awesome
There’s a whole new world out there
Alive is awesome
Discover and experience!

Alive is awesome
Seeing things with a different perspective is what I learnt from my numerous travels

So when I started thinking about experiences that make me feel alive, I realized that they largely revolve around travel. Which means that it’s an essential part of me and what I enjoy. Something that has gone on to define me through the years.

I think that the ability to let your preconceptions go, absorb new sights and places, try and understand people in the context of geography and history adds so much to our perspective and life’s impressions. On a certain level, you also learn not to take things, and yourself, too seriously. Especially when you feel how small a stitch you are in tapestry of the universe.

Alive is awesome
Man and the mountains: the contrast

And in no particular order, here’s a list of what gets me going, what makes me pack my bags and take off and what makes me feel alive!

Food: I am an out and out foodie. In fact, when I see people who are indifferent to food, I get a little depressed. The adage, “living to eat” is what I stand by. Thankfully, I found a man who loves food as much as I do. So much so that we go on diets together now after days of binge eating. But yes, cuisines and different tastes are what I love exploring. And whether it’s the chaat in Delhi, or the yummy Calcutta rolls, the pad thai in that hole in the wall Bangkok restaurant in San Francisco, or the seafood paella I gorged on in Barcelona, tastes and flavours excite me and that’s one aspect of travel I really enjoy.

Alive is awesome
Delicious paella, have to go back!
Alive is awesome
Stuffed capsicum cooked by a friend in Barcelona

People: There all kinds of people in the world and what would we be if we didn’t interact, share and exchange ideas with at least a fraction of them? Unless of course you’re a hermit who is comfortable in the cave and don’t want to come out of hiding! In most cases, during my travels, I meet interesting and memorable people. That person who goes way out to help you get somewhere; someone you keep bumping into whenever you go; a kindred spirit you meet and bond with immediately. Or even a bus driver who agrees to go a little out of the way. Kids on the road who are not at all shy to talk to you. (And I must admit that there are also not so nice people but if you’re careful enough, in most cases your senses are heightened enough by years of travel to recognise them!). And aren’t these experiences enriching enough to make you want to pack your bags again?

Alive is awesome
Witness the innocence of youth
Alive is awesome
Children are usually not self conscious

Sights and sounds: A valley in the middle of nowhere in Bhutan, the rays of the morning sun on a monastery in Dharmasthala, the expanse of the icy slopes of Auli, the picture perfect lake in Lausanne, the icy slopes of Tawang, and the beautiful high-ceiling train station in Washington… it’s the sights and sounds that keep coming back to me. They also remind me that we live in an immense world, where there are bigger things that we can even imagine.

Alive is awesome
A valley in Bhutan
Alive is awesome
And it’s good to be alive!
Alive is awesome
The heady rush at Hoggenhakkal falls
Alive is awesome
Down the river we go!

Perceptions: You think something. But you discover something else totally. You have fixed ideas but you go to a new place, see something new and realize that there are things beyond your zen. And I think it’s a good feeling if you embrace it and take it in a positive manner. Your sense of curiosity and your ability to change and adapt is honed with your ability to travel and experience things outside your comfort zone.

Alive is awesome
A monastery door

I couldn’t have really put it better than this link I found via Huffington Post: “Travel is important because it fundamentally transforms us. This experience of waking up to the power of your own transformation fires you up to “be the change you want to see in the world,” as Gandhi puts it.”

Some of the visuals from the Cinthol campaign, if you’ve watched them on TV or read about them online, brought back really great memories from my own travels. I’m happy I went out of my comfort zone when I was able (and still am!). And if I hadn’t and had just stuck to my own sheltered world, I’d probably be a very different person. And I much prefer the person I am today.

Alive is awesome
Cycling and camping at the Dudhsagar falls in Goa

While there’s still time, stop making excuses, pack your bags and go!

Alive is awesome
A new place, a new sight, a new experience!

There is nothing quite like riding in the rains, especially if you’re on a bicycle in the lush Coorg countryside soaked to the core. Or watching the sun go down in Chikmagalur.

I could show you a picture but there’s nothing quite close to the real experience. I wish I could relate in words the expanse of the valleys of Bhutan, the quietness and solitude of the Dragon’s Nest monastery in Paro. I have pictures, but no words can imagine the rush of climbing up and come face to face with this beautiful sight.

I can tell you that river rafting is really good fun as you go careening down in that one boat hanging on for life, but you need to get on to one for yourself. I can describe how delicious the paella is as you bite into the seafood pieces and the soft rice, but wouldn’t you like to get a taste for yourself?

Alive is awesome
An experience you’ll remember for a long time!

Travel when you have the time and energy. And more importantly, the desire. Don’t let excuses, kids and other baggage get into the way! See the world, experience the people, walk other streets than just your neighbourhood. Taste and appreciate cuisine that is vastly different to yours. Dive into the sea and get a feel of life under water. Climb the highest mountain in your state and witness the most magnificent view. These moments are priceless. These moments will make you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt. That is a guarantee!

Alive is awesome
Feeling alive at the top of the Bandaje Abbe waterfalls (photo credit: Silvester Divas)

So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and book your tickets already!
Why travel makes us happy

Why we travel

Pico Iyer’s why we travel

(This is a part of the blogging series for the Alive is Awesome bathing project by Cinthol)

Fancy a polar plunge bath? Head to:
- Lake Hudson, Canada
– Outer Glaciers, Iceland
– Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica
– Northern Borders, Greenland

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(All photographs in this post are mine, unless credited otherwise).

Mountains and river crossings

Mountains and water crossings: ooh, aah, shiver!

Alive is AwesomeWe surveyed the scene before us. But none of us wanted to take the plunge.

The cold mountain water gushed out from the left embankment of the road, formed a big pool of water and then gushed into the valley below. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have bothered at all and walked through. But this was different. This was ice cold water that none of us wanted to wade through.

alive is awesome

After our first day in the mountains, all of us got wise and bought ourselves gumboots. Perhaps the best accessory purchase decision we made before the trip.

We were somewhere on the way to Leh, having started from Manali. And to add to our woes, we were on two non-mechanized human powered wheels. Also called bicycles.

alive is awesome

If cycling wasn’t foolhardy enough, we were also trying it with gumboots. Wasn’t exactly a very pleasant activity. There were times when I badly wanted to throw them out, but the thought of these icy water crossings would keep us going.

We were a set of 10 brave souls who decided to weather the cold climes, the non-existent roads and unfriendly terrain to cycle up to Leh. And no, we hadn’t accounted for the cold water crossings we would encounter. Brrrr!

alive is awesome

Have you ever felt the first sting of ice cold water on skin? You brave yourself, shiver in anticipation, say a small prayer or mutter an expletive and then take the plunge. No sooner than having put your feet in water, the cold chill envelops you and you try and run. Which makes it worse, of course.
alive is awesome

By the time you cross over, you’ve already got your feet wet. And by such time, the cold seeps into your socks, your feet and even your clothes. It’s at this crucial juncture that you start wondering what on earth possessed you to even venture into this alien land.

By the time were on day 3 or 4, one member of our tribe, decided that he had to get a taste of what it really felt like. He decided to have a bath right there. Probably a good thing, since he hadn’t actually had a proper bath for a few days!

alive is awesome

Some of us weren’t that brave.

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that even despite the cold, even despite the icy waters, there was something that felt so good. It was in the fresh air, it was in the sparkling water. It was everywhere!

It was one of those times when we went with the flow. We didn’t care for the date or day of the week. We would sit on the cycle everyday, with a simple goal of making it through the day. Alive and dry.

Those ten days in the mountains, were some of the most memorable times we’ve had… Come rain, sunshine, slush or even icy river crossings, we’d be on our cycles riding hard and giving it all. And we’d never felt so happy and alive!

alive is awesome

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