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The Cathedral

Into the deep blue

When I got a chance to travel to the Philippines recently, I couldn’t resist fitting in a dive. After all, the beautiful blue green waters in this region are known for it’s marine life and Manila is well placed in terms of access to the sea. On a beautiful and sunny (and I should mention hot) Sunday, we set off on our road trip to Anilao, the primary diving area around a two and a half hour drive from Manila city. My colleague, who had also recently got a taste of the underwater thrill called diving agreed to take me to the dive site and also accompany me for the dive. We were also lucky to have another colleague who is a certified divemaster, leading the dives. The highway drive was pleasant and the road was good all the way through. It actually feels a little like the US since the road signs and the construction seems to be modeled on the US. However, the countryside, the trees and the houses had a distinctly Asian …