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The beaches of Goa

Sunshine and sussegad: A few of my favorite Goan beaches

Tranquility, blue skies, warm waters, seafood and adventure for those who seek it – the beaches in Goa are known for different things. But to truly enjoy Goa’s sandy white beaches, knowing your way around them is essential. With an amazing stretch of sun-kissed beaches in the region, it would be a shame not to make the most of your trip by visiting some of the best ones. So, where do you start. Here’s a list of them – from the busy to the quiet and serene – perfect when you’re looking for – perfect any kind of travel, mood and occasion. Just pick and go! Way back then: A photograph taken nearly a decade ago on one of Goa’s beaches Candolim Beach Located close to Baga Beach, and 15 kms from the city of Panaji, it’s a perfect location to relax under the sunny skies and often empty stretches. It also happens to be one of the first beaches I visited in Goa. If you want to avoid the milling crowds of the more …


Savouring the world, one dish a time!

My first taste of Portuguese food was in Goa. The owners of the now restored 213 year old mansion Palácio do Deão, built by a Portuguese nobleman, had opened their doors to visitors for a taste of the traditional cuisine. I don’t remember the names of the dishes now but our hosts Rubem and Celia Vasco da Gama had gone to great lengths to lay out a memorable spread. I do remember the fish cooked to perfection. And the calamari flavored to bring any foodie to raptures. This old but restored Portuguese mansion made the ideal setting for a traditional meal I’m glad I captured some of these culinary delights on camera so when I sit back and think of the delicious food, I can supplement my memories with photographs. Of course, the images don’t do justice to the actual taste of the mouth-watering delicacies served, but they only increased my curiosity about the cuisine and food of Portugal. Goa was a Portuguese colony till as late as 1954 and the influences on the food …

South India

My top 5 picks in the south

Something I wrote a while ago, published by The places I’ve listed (some of them are possibly pretty familiar to most of you) and yet I was surprised when a very dear friend today confessed that she has never been to Pondicherry. So there goes! I take it for granted that these are relatively popular places, but if you haven’t visited yet, now is a good time. I’ve also listed some of my favourite places to stay in each of them. My picks: Pondicherry, Tharangamvadi (though I believe even Tharangampadi is an acceptable spelling), Nersa, Goa and Havelock (in the Andamans). Not sure if the last one technically can be called south India, but it’s still the deep south. Top 5 Must Travel Places in South India Enjoy 🙂          

Olaulim Backyards

Olaulim Backyards: Where time stands still, but a lot can happen!

They had me at Richard Parker! This cosy homestay, situated in a very quiet and serene part of Goa will transport you to another world all together. Away from the buzz and the humdrum, the noise and pollution of the city, it’s a relief as you step into what is literally a “backyard”! All around is just green as far as the eye can see. And a creek that lazily winds its way into the property completing the perfect picture. And fittingly, you know why this serene place is called Olaulim Backyards. Inhabited by a motley group of permanent residents (besides the hosts and their 2 kids) – three dogs, a pony, a donkey and a cat called Richard Parker – every moment is a delight. I was lucky to spend 3 days at Olaulim, in the peak of the monsoons and I don’t think I’ve seen Goa in a more beautiful season – bathed in rain, the countryside is a shade of green that you’ll never find in a concrete jungle. The roads are inviting, winding …