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South India

My top 5 picks in the south

Something I wrote a while ago, published by rediff.com.

The places I’ve listed (some of them are possibly pretty familiar to most of you) and yet I was surprised when a very dear friend today confessed that she has never been to Pondicherry. So there goes! I take it for granted that these are relatively popular places, but if you haven’t visited yet, now is a good time.

I’ve also listed some of my favourite places to stay in each of them.

My picks: Pondicherry, Tharangamvadi (though I believe even Tharangampadi is an acceptable spelling), Nersa, Goa and Havelock (in the Andamans). Not sure if the last one technically can be called south India, but it’s still the deep south.

Top 5 Must Travel Places in South India

Enjoy :-)






Diving in the Andamans

Finding Nemo and a whole, new world

When the better half suggested a scuba diving adventure, I couldn’t find a good reason to refuse. My adventurous bone being alive and well, this sounded like an interesting enough activity to indulge in. Submerging oneself many feet below the sea and watching colourful marine life pass you by – sounded like a slightly scary but a totally good idea.

The beach

So packing our bags, along with our sense of adventure, we left for the sunny shores of the Andamans. As the plane touched down at Port Blair, we could see the beautiful blue green waters shimmering in front of us. And we were looking forward to our few days exploring the treasures under the sea.
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