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A royal welcome to Suryagarh

Suryagarh: Top 5 memorable moments

In August, I got a chance to travel to the beautiful town of Jaisalmer on invitation from the Suryagarh resort. It was my first time in this part of the country and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. The rains heralded our entry as we reached the outskirts of the city. And then, we had a royal welcome as we were escorted to the resort, a few kilometres from the main city. Looking back at the trip, here are some of my top moments from the visit. #5 – Our royal welcome Fit for kings (and queens). A jeep adorned with flags with the Suryagarh emblem were waiting to escort us right up to the resort gate. They definitely don’t spare any effort to make you feel special and important. We reached after lunch, just as the sun was setting and we took in our first view of Suryagarh – fashioned on an actual fort – we we had to wait for a moment to drink in the view. Later, we’re …

Heralding the monsoons in Suryagarh

Heralding the rains in the desert

After experiencing the abundance of the monsoons in Kerala and Goa this year, it was a welcome invite when I got an offer to experience the magic of the monsoons in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. And I know exactly what you might be thinking. Monsoons in the desert? But then stranger things have been known to happen. So filled with anticipation and lots of hope, I hopped onto a plane to Jodhpur, which is the closest connection to Jaisalmer from Bangalore. It was a long journey but the thought of the destination was enough to keep the spirits high. Besides air travel has become quite pleasant these days, thanks to all our swanky airports (well, okay not all of them!). At Mumbai airport, I met with Neelima and then with Anuradha (who I hadn’t met for years) and we killed some time chatting and catching up. After a short wait, it was time to board the flight to Jodhpur. A couple of hours later, we finally touched down in Jodhpur and our welcome party was there outside …