Month: August 2003

My new home

I booked this domain in May, 2003. Three months have passed. I have still not been able to export my old blog here. I’ve been meaning to do it, but instructions like these, can be quite scary. I was talking to Ashish yesterday, when he came up with a brilliant suggestion (now why didn’t I think of it before? duh!). Instead of bringing all your old entries into this one, why don’t you just start afresh? Like a new beginning? The young man made sense. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m keeping the old blog there and starting afresh here! There’s heaps of spring cleaning to do, but I think I’ll get to it, as I move along. And besides, it seems like a season for new beginnings 🙂

Will it ever end?

I returned from my quick trip from Assam to the news that militants had derailed a goods train back in my home state while two blasts rocked Mumbai, killing 45 and injuring over 150. Some images from the incident today. Mumbai has had more than its share of blasts this year. And all forms of transportation are being used to spread terror – buses, trains and now cabs. The Ghatkopar blast happened in a BEST bus in July. The Mulund blast happened on a local train in March. With the teeming millions who throng Mumbai train stations everyday, these areas are particularly vulnerable to attacks. Train stations that have recently been targetted – Vile Parle (Jan 28), Ghatkopar (Dec 2, 2002) and Mumbai Central (Dec 6, 2002). The city’s history of bomb blasts is increasing with alarming frequency. The blasts have taken place on the same day as the release of the Archeological Survey of India’s(ASI) report on the Ayodhya issue. Jivha writes in his blog: “Whatever the report says, whatever the group that engineered …