Day: December 6, 2003

Kerala style in Karnataka city

I had an awesome time the last time I visited Bangalore. This time around, it’s more of work, but I have the evenings to wander around. Meanwhile, I’m trying to come up with ideas to amuse myself! The ‘Celebrate Bangalore’ festival on from the 7-14th promises to be interesting. Am hoping to catch some of the events. There’s just a handful of people I know in Bangalore and I haven’t been able to meet anyone as yet. Everyone is ‘busy’, making me a little worried. Has the ‘busy-around-the-clock’ syndrome hit this town too?! Contemplated making a short trip out of Bangalore, but am feeling downright lazy right now. Not that I’ve been working hard recently, but I opted for a relatively short trip to the outskirts of the city to a place called Ayurvedagram over the weekend to ‘relax and rejuvenate’. The thought of a hot oil massage and a steam bath sounded just too tempting to pass. Besides having loads of time to spare makes the mind a little restless so I think a …

Travelling tales

If you’re fond of travel, you’ll probably enjoy reading the jounals of a few bloggers who are on the road. You can catch Mahesh on his back-packing adventure across Turkey. Meanwhile, OJ has deserted the warm climes of India and reached the frozen climes of Canada. Both have lots of photographs to spice up their posts. Sid and Tan, who got married in last month are vacationing in Thailand. But we probably get descriptions of their beach walks since they’re on their honeymoon.