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Book reviews

Have you ready any good tech/IT/human resources or general management books lately? Anything worth sharing with others? I need a review of about 3-4 paras. Please get in touch me with me if you’d like to share a review. It’s for a IT recruitment site that I look after right now. It will be credited to you if published. I’d like to work out some sort of payment, possibly in the future 🙂 The book should be available in India.

Watched ‘God Only Knows!’ last week for a review. It was strictly okay. The verdict: Forget Bharat Dabholkar, I doubt even God knows why this movie was made.

The fat cat is coming to town this year. This is one movie that I am not going to miss.

And regarding this, what can I say, but ‘about time, fellas’…


  1. I know of a management book which is good and useful. Please tell me where I can mail you the review and details.

  2. The best management text book that I’ve read is called “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. I wrote a very brief review of this and posted it to Amazon – almost 2 years ago now. You can see it if you scroll down the following page: (Look for “An extremely insightful book!” by

    Not sure how to find out whether it is available in India though?

  3. Hi Jag! Read the review. However, I’d need a little more about the book (at least 4 paras), what it’s about, how you can benefit from it etc. If you think you can add anything else, do send it across to me. anitabora at vsnl dot net

  4. Hi Anita – I have extended the review to give more explanation as to what the book is about. Sent to your email. Feel free to use or chop/change etc.

    ps – it’s actually a very interesting book to read in any case!

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