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From the other side

We had Yardboy, who ditched us and went back to his home country. We have Nancy Gandhi who writes evocatively about life in Chennai as an outsider.

Here are two more to add to the list. India from another perspective. Daniel Brett, ‘the sahib of behala’ and Sonia Toor, a ‘British Indian in Bombay’ (Sonia, you should get a blog!)

(And thanks to Nancy, I know what I’m having for lunch today!)


  1. Thanks for the mention — and for pointing me to another outsider. (Hope you like the akuri!)

  2. Nancy: It was delicious! I am definitely making it again. Besides which I love egg in any form 🙂

  3. Hi Anita, yes I will work on that, rather get my husband to look into that for me. I am off to Goa on Saturday, beach is the only thing on my mind right now!

  4. Sonia: That sounds lovely! Have fun in Goa. Though it’s going to be hotter than hell 🙂

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