1. & There we go again….the Favorite kid(cricket)

    will get more attention,and the rest more & more Neglected.Next time we’ll hear the Periodic ( Four-Year cycle)Sighs & complains when neglected kids (Other Sports) rebuked as they didn’t do well @ Olympic Jamboree.anyways Juntaa Carry On clapping

  2. Cricketers are Professionals(they claim at least for all monetary purposes) Get enough compensation(read monies) for their Work,So there’s no reason for such Hoooopla.

  3. Devin says

    I cheer for The Indian Team, but cricket bores me to death…all day long matches? That’s crazy…people here tell me, “if it was a real sport, it’d be in the olympics.” Like I said, I just like to see India do good. Great job India!!

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