1. hey anita…….can’t stop laughing after reading dat post……want vajpayee back …..

  2. somebody says

    trust a desi to mis-spell “gandhi” – at least you did not use the americanized verion of “ghandi”!

    – s.b.

  3. Congress has become popular.. I was laughing at the emotional speeches beseeching Sonia to take back her decision… Smart move I must say !!

  4. Ab, Really sorry. Lost your number… Will u call me? bTW, my bangalore plans are off


  5. Pallavi: It’s been quite interesting watching all the drama unfold :)I think Indians have a flair for being melodramatic anyway! And why should politicians be left behind.

    Nidhi: That is SO like you! First you make plans. Then cancel. And lose my number. I am rather miffed.

  6. Feels so great that we didn’t have to survive an Italian PM. Where would we have been getting orders from ? From the Camorra, or the Cosa Nostra ?

    Even now, I dont feel safe with her being the Capo di Capi di Tutti of the Congress. Manmohan Singh, impressive as his credentials are, is just a puppet.

    Just hope that we dont get driven back into stone age by the Madrina.

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