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Ma Chérie

Not too many words. Just a few pictures.

And a warm welcome to Ma Chérie, the latest addition to my family. Kit Kit is a little jealous of all the attention my possession is getting right now but I’ve promised her a ride soon!

Took Chérie out for a long drive towards Hebbal lake on her first evening. It was lovely. The weather was great. The lake looked really pretty with the reflected lights. Am maha impressed with all the lakes here. And thanks to both of you (you know who you are 🙂 for making the first drive with my red machine so much fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a while!

Now she’s waiting patiently in the parking space at home, till I gain a little more confidence about taking her out on the crowded Bangalore roads…


  1. hey cool

    So what color is your Zen?

    I bought a pretty dull Alto some months back 🙁

    And on Bangalore roads, beware the BMTC buses and the Qualises, Sumos, cycles, Autorickshaws, and …

    oh forget it !



  2. Viggy: “for making the first drive with my red beauty so much fun…” Thought that should explain it!

    Gautam: For colour, please refer to answer to Viggy! And thanks for scaring me. As it is, the prospect of driving around here does not appeal to me at all!!

    Mehak: Congratulations!

  3. Steph: I guess you’d be the expert here! I’m correcting the spelling as suggested 🙂

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