Month: October 2004

Goa – in colour!

Following my black and white set, here are the Dandeli and Goa pictures – in colour. I missed the sunset at Dandeli since we were river rafting on the Kali and surrounded by thick forest all around. But the sunset in Goa was beautiful and I could only go clickety click furiously! It is amazing how the colours of the sky change from moment to moment. I wish I could just paint every mood of the sky. Or write a haiku! But instead, here is a collage instead. All the pictures were taken in the space of about half and hour. The many moods of Goa

Goa – in black and white

After finishing a few colour rolls, I decided to experiment with a black and white one while in Palolem, Goa. Here are some of the snapshots. This one is my favourite! I wanted to bundle all of them into my rucksack and bring them home to Kit Kit! The colour photographs will take a while longer, as the scans I got from GK Vale are absolutely crappy. So I will have to get all three rolls from the Dandeli-Goa trip rescanned. This is the second time this has happened. I think because of the load, their quality is becoming worse these days. But that’s really no excuse for grainy, low quality scans. Hopefully, I shall manage to get them all done by tomorrow.

Perspectives – a personal invitation

For all those of you who live in Bangalore, this is a personal invitation for a photography exhibition – Perspectives – that will be held from Oct 29th-Oct 31st. The event is being held by Bangalore Shutterbugs in association with the Rotary Club, Rajmahal Vilas, Bangalore. All proceeds are going towards raising funds for cancer patients. So if you’re looking for a nice photograph to grace your walls, head towards the venue on any of these 3 days. The photographs have been well-framed and are priced reasonably, so this is your chance to get a great piece of art and do your bit for a cause. There will be about 20 odd amateur photographers whose works will be on display including Shankar S, Arun Kottolli, Renith Valsaraj, Kalyan V, Kishore Murthy, Vivek M, Arun B, Lavannya Goradia, Sabir Ahmed and Zeeshan Nofil. A couple of mine have also been selected. Some amongst the group like NK Arun, Anjana Janardhan and Sudhir Shivaram have won international awards and held solo exhibitions too. The venue: Bharatheeya Vidya …

Countdown: Zero

The plotting and planning for the long weekend will bear fruit today, as we board a bus for Dandeli in the evening. I am off for three whole days, which is pretty exciting. The last time I got away for 3 days was the river rafting and trekking weekend in June. From Dandeli, we will make our way to south Goa. More river rafting, wilderness, jungles, caves, sun, sand, sea and loads of fish fry – get the drift? I hope to resurface next Monday. Meanwhile, do make use of my blogroll to expand your blog adventures :0)

An interesting project

These are inspired by Minn’s Friday Four Photo Project (F2P2). And do check out some of the absolutely gorgeous pictures she’s taken. If you have some time, give it a shot. It’s great fun! There should be a next edition tomorrow. She asked for: 1. A view from a window; 2. A reflection; 3. Some item you wore today; 4. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue