Day: October 18, 2004

3 more days to go (and the countdown begins)

Packed a lot into this weekend – especially on the eating and socialising front! Finally got a chance to catch up with Deki. Had yummilicious momos at a place called Taste of Tibet. Watched Bride and Prejudice. And got a long pending five-star treat at this place called Blue Ginger 🙂 And I’m really excited about this week because it has just 4 working days (one of which is now over 🙂 followed by a 3-day weekend. And these don’t come around so often, so I am looking forward to it. No classes. Three whole days off. I haven’t had this luxury in a while. Ummm. As you might well imagine, I’m plotting and planning already… (Addendum: Ash’s #1 fan in London has some interesting things to say about the movie!)