Year: 2005

Ring in the new!

It’s been such an exciting year! So many things done and ticked on my list (and yet so many left pending). But that’s what the coming year is for, ay? A few difficult times to tide through and yet there were always the great times that made them pale in significance. And what would I have done without some of the special people who blessed my life? Sigh, let me not get into another speech here into how I couldn’t have done without all you folks! I’ve got heaps of plans for the next year! Loads of things to do. Amongst them – I need to learn how to ride a cycle. And start “de-cluttering” my life (my new mantra). Be prepared to hear about this is posts to come. On second thoughts, I’ll see if I can achieve it first! Amongst the top 3 things I want to do this year is a) travel (surprise, surprise!) b) acquire a digital SLR and c) write more (and better, of course!). Let me instead wish each …

Week (W)rap!

I was determined to catch something of the Habba this time (since I’ve been doing so continuously for the last two, in 2003 when I was visiting and in 2004 as a resident). Unfortunately, with most of the events during the day, it wasn’t too convenient to attend the musical concerts or the play, which would start at 6.30 pm. Is it possible to get from anywhere to anywhere by 6.30 on a weekday here in the city? Anyway.