Month: March 2005

and in blogworld…

I haven’t had much of a chance to get around the blog world lately with my things getting rather hectic during the day and then evenings at the hospital. Today morning, I thought I’d quickly do a round of some of the familiar bloggers and what do I find! — Madman who’s gone off to Singapore on a holiday (because the air fares were too damn cheap!) is now blogging his travel adventures here. — Kiruba’s gone off and shut his blog. And so yet another popular blog comes to an end. Of course, one can always hope for reincarnations – they’re quite the done thing nowadays. (and managed to make a fool out of all of us :). — Nilesh has gone off and won the Best South East Asian / Indian Photoblog – a big congratulations to him – he’s a talented young lad behind the lens! Congratulations, Nilesh 🙂

India Unlimited

I’d like to have visited all the states in India in the next couple of years. UPDATE: I had to remove the image link as the linked site seems to have disappeared! – {Link via Pradeep} The ones I have remaining are: Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Andaman & Nicobar, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Lakshwadeep. What does your map look like?

Random clicks

Just a few images to leave you with as we reach another weekend. It was early last Sunday morning when I was driving down towards Mekhri Circle. There are some nice roads in that area, and I noticed this particular stretch with the sun filtering through. I was late for our early morning shoot with fellow shutterbugs Shankar & Sabir, but I had to stop to capture it! For the early morning shoot we headed to Hebbal Lake. We were quite late and the sun was out already. That’s Shankar in the distance looking for spiders. Having just bought his expensive macro lens he was just raring to go. Along with a few members of the office photography club, last Friday evening we went on a night shoot. This was at the end when we were packing up and I noticed this corner of the High Court looking really prettily lit up. I immediately unpacked my tripod to take this last shot. There were a lot of cars passing by, but thankfully, I managed to …

Girish Karnad’s Heap of Broken Images

This is on at Rangashankara on the weekend (25th, 26th, 27th March). If you’re a Bangalore blogger and want to catch it on Saturday or Sunday evening, do let me know. We can even do a mini-blog meet at the cosy cafe… Please leave a comment or send me an email or call (if you have my number 🙂 UPDATE: Tickets are sold out on Saturday unfortunately! Let’s hope Sunday is available.

AK-47 episode

I was at the Forum mall on Friday evening buying tickets for a movie. In the queue behind me, a girl and boy were discussing something and nudging each other. Terrorist… commented the guy to the gal and they nudged each other again. AK-47 whispered the guy, behind my back. Only then I realised they were referring to me! Later that evening I was going to meet some of my office photography club colleagues for a night photo shoot. I had my tripod over one shoulder and it tends to look rather menacing. I had to resist the impulse to turn on them, uncover my AK-47 and start shooting right there.

Colours of spring

Colours of spring, originally uploaded by anita. I love the beautiful colours in spring time. It’s all too brief though. And the purple and yellow flowers only blossom for about a couple of weeks but they look incredibly beautiful. I took a walk around the neighbourhood a few days ago and captured a few of the purple blossoms, which graced every corner. Sadly, they’re all gone now and the summer is upon us with real gusto. It’s been so hot lately, that I feel like I’m back in Mumbai again.