Month: April 2005

In which Kiruba can’t believe he is getting to meet us nice Bangaloreans

reaaaally, originally uploaded by anita. So after years and years of planning/promising/contemplating (and combinations thereof) Kiruba is finally coming to Bangalore. Don’t get too excited. It’s for the marathon. But then we’re nice people, so have to understand. Since many of us know of him through his various exploits – the most famous of which cannot be mentioned in this blog – I am sure we will also be very eager to know his insider tips on topics like: – How to scare the wits out of fellow bloggers – How to make a fool of fellow weak hearted bloggers – How to make a big splash on the blog without using any paint – And many other such serious and fundamental blog issues Okay, I’m partly kidding, because we will be discussing some very serious stuff, but you have to be there to be a part of it. And so, because we are nice people (which I reiterate, in case you forget), we are having a meet after he finishes his marathon on the …

101 things to do in Mangalore

I am heading to Mangalore for a few days and asked for suggestions over at the BSB group as to interesting sights and sounds in and around the city. These are some that came in. The ones in bold are what I don’t want to miss. If you have anything interesting to add, do leave it in the comment space. Or if there’s anything you feel should not be missed let me know. Beaches: Maravanthe, Ullal, Panambur, Someshwara, Kaup (and lighthouse), Malpe, Surathkal, Tannirbavi Tourist attractions: St. Mary’s Island, Sultana Batthery, Ideal ice cream parlour at Hampanakatte Temples/Dargas/Churches: Shree Krisha Mutt Brahma rath (Udupi), Mangaladevi temple, Kadri Manjunath temple, Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple, Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple, Mudabidri (Jain monument with 1000 pillars), Ullal Durga, St Aloysius College Church Others: – Gomateshware/Chatrumukha Basadi at Karkal – Bekal fort in Kasaragod – Local food!

Under the full moon – Bhoomi Jathre 2005

Under the full moon, originally uploaded by anitabora. Under a full moon night, on Kanakpura Road, we were treated to a melange of music and dance – from Hindustani classical, to rock to death metal – everything was on the menu! The dusk to dawn music concert, Bhoomi Jathre, was held at the Fireflies Ashram, about 20 kilometres from the city on Saturday evening. We almost didn’t get there. In fact, we were possibly headed towards Tamil Nadu according to one of our vehicle’s occupants. Our navigator, who I shall call VD, nearly missed the non-descript turn to the ashram on Kanakpura Road. VI, who was driving his brand new sunshine car, finally gave his vehicle some real exercise as we bumped over the bad village roads. Actually, in some places there were no roads and VI went ouch, ouch as if he was physically hurt. The poor thing – new cars do strange things to people. We reached much after dusk, around 10.30 pm. The line-up included violinists Mysore Nagaraj & Mysore Manjunath, a …

Painting by Light

Some of us at the exhibition, originally uploaded by anitabora. This is the third exhibition in which the Bangalore Shutterbugs have participated or put up, in the span of about 6 months. This one is titled “Painting by Light” and has been organised by Art Mantram Foundation, a group that works for the promotion of cultural activities in the city. Quite a few Shutterbuggers were present when the exhibition was inaugurated by Anil Kumble yesterday evening. There were other guests who graced the occasion including Rani Satish, ex-Culture and Kannada minister, Lata Bhandari, Jija Hari Singh and photographer Helmuth Koenz. Quite a few photographs were sold during the first day itself, including Kaushik B’s beautiful portait of 3 children, which was bought by Kumble. A few other photographs from the lens of Vivek M, Lavannya Goradia and Shankar S were also bought during the exhibition. Got a chance to meet a few new members of this now burgeoning group. A young enthusiastic engineering student called Jayant came up to me and said he had joined …

The beautiful birds of Kokkre Belur

The plan was to set off from Bangalore at 4 .30 am in the morning. When Saturday dawned, we finally left the city at 10.30 am. There were 9 of us (Jaya, Sahastra, Anudeep, Reena, Rohit, Ravi, Bijoy, Ranjita and me) on board a hired Tempo Traveller as we set off for the small village of Kokkre Belur. (Kokkare in Kannada means stork and that’s how the village got its name.) The village is about 2 1/2 hours away by road. The pictures from the trip.