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And the winner is…

Catching the fib wasn’t so easy, after all. But I do have 3 winners. But first for the explanations…

1. Though I am a right hander, I occasionally eat with my left hand. I believe that it makes my food tastier for some reason! : Truth! I do this, sometimes unknowingly. And finally I figured out the reason.

2. I am an avid fan of horror movies. My favourite past time is renting out 3-4 of them and watching them in succession. Through the night. With company of course (need someone to clutch during scary scenes). And loads of popcorn! – Fib. As Venky guessed correctly, I am too much of a cheerful person to like horror.

3. I once went to Goa and ate only chicken. No beer, and surprisingly, no fish at all! : Truth. I love fish now. But about 5 years ago, I didn’t like it so much. I actually hated the process of picking the bones. So all I ate during a trip to Goa was chicken! And got a load of abuse from friends. In Mumbai, after trying sea-food I slowly began to appreciate fish!

4. My favourite perfume is Lancôme’s Poeme. : Truth! Love it

5. i love writing long emails in lower case only. i think it is really cool and once in a while i’ve even posted blog entries written completely in lower case. i simply ‘lowe’ it! i am going to write a book someday. all in lower case. : Truth. I do this often. Especially in emails.

The winners are:

Navneet: Hey, I owe you a prize. Let me figure out what to give you, and since you have a drive blog, what about a toy car for a prize? 🙂

Venky: I liked your reason, but I’ll hold on to your prize till I can visit America, and personally hand it over to you!

Jag: Will carry prize for you when I come visit England (soon, soon!).


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