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And the winner is…

Catching the fib wasn’t so easy, after all. But I do have 3 winners. But first for the explanations…

1. Though I am a right hander, I occasionally eat with my left hand. I believe that it makes my food tastier for some reason! : Truth! I do this, sometimes unknowingly. And finally I figured out the reason.

2. I am an avid fan of horror movies. My favourite past time is renting out 3-4 of them and watching them in succession. Through the night. With company of course (need someone to clutch during scary scenes). And loads of popcorn! – Fib. As Venky guessed correctly, I am too much of a cheerful person to like horror.

3. I once went to Goa and ate only chicken. No beer, and surprisingly, no fish at all! : Truth. I love fish now. But about 5 years ago, I didn’t like it so much. I actually hated the process of picking the bones. So all I ate during a trip to Goa was chicken! And got a load of abuse from friends. In Mumbai, after trying sea-food I slowly began to appreciate fish!

4. My favourite perfume is Lancôme’s Poeme. : Truth! Love it

5. i love writing long emails in lower case only. i think it is really cool and once in a while i’ve even posted blog entries written completely in lower case. i simply ‘lowe’ it! i am going to write a book someday. all in lower case. : Truth. I do this often. Especially in emails.

The winners are:

Navneet: Hey, I owe you a prize. Let me figure out what to give you, and since you have a drive blog, what about a toy car for a prize? 🙂

Venky: I liked your reason, but I’ll hold on to your prize till I can visit America, and personally hand it over to you!

Jag: Will carry prize for you when I come visit England (soon, soon!).


  1. Hey not fair! You use lower case in *emails* and if you dont send me any emails how am i supposed to know that?! :p 🙂

    BTW which cam do you use..need to buy a new cam and could do with some tips..almost shortlisted canon s2 IS but I find it way too expensive and advanced for an amateur like me..

  2. Wil do Venky 🙂

    True, Twilight! My next email to you will be in lower case for sure! I use a film SLR (Nikon F75). But you can try the Canon A95 which is a decent camera (5 MP) if you have the budget. And most of these cameras can be operated in the automatic mode so you don’t really need to be an advanced user 🙂

  3. anita,

    Dammm… Just missed..

    I thought atlast I won myself a 50mm prime lens.. I know you have a large heart and you would gift that to me anyway…

    wont you ??


  4. MadMan says

    Ahem, when you write emails to *me*, they’re not in lower case. I checked my archive.

    Not fair.

  5. Anita, please remove the entry and link to my previous site, from ‘Indian Bloggers List’.
    I released that domain amd it has got spammed …

  6. Hmm… I disagree with that reasoning.
    I believe I’m quite cheerful… yet, I particularly enjoy horror movies and thrillers of all sorts. And I don’t think I am an exception either.

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