Patita patata…

Something I haven’t done in a while ever! Party till 2 am and give an exam at 9 am. All in the honour of birthday gal Vaish. We started on Friday evening. Resumed on Sat evening. And ended on the wee hours of Sunday morning. Now that’s one hell of a long celebration. And it feels like we’ve been celebrating her birthday most of the weekend  Babes, you are one rocking woman!


The Gokarna trip had been pending for a while. There were about half a dozen folks who were absolutely sure they wanted to go. And of course, as we approached the day of departure, quite a few backed out. Fever, work, sudden loss of interest : there were all kinds of explanations as usual. A predictable trend amongst people who are very enthusiastic to start off with! “Let’s go,” “Gokarna, I would love to go!” “Count me in!” Alas, when the time comes to actually pack up and go, it’s a handful who remain.