Month: November 2005

Two noteworthy performances

I have to write about two performances that I enjoyed in the last week.

One was last Sunday evening at the Palace Grounds – Octoberfest, the festival organized by Kingfisher. Since, beer is not something that tickles my fancy, I was hoping the music would be worth going for. On that note, I must also add, that I was pleasantly surprised by the way the whole set-up was organized. They had nice seating arrangements all around the front area of the stage, so you could chill out and eat your food and drink your beer and enjoy the music from wherever you were.

A photo essay

I was looking through my trip photographs and decided to pick one or two from every place I visited and do a quick photo essay : a memory recap through all the places and sights I saw and the people I met. Just little memories that keep popping up… Here they are, countrywise, but in no particular order.

One day, we might even have roads in the city!

I know you’re probably really tired of traffic woes, but can I really help it?

Bangalore’s roads now resemble the moon’s crater. Especially with the recent rain episode, whatever little we had in terms of roads is now a figment of our imaginations. We will soon need moon buggies to get from one place to another. And we might even have to start for work the prior day to get to office on time, is the thought of the hour.