Hazards of being a foodie

Sigh, it’s difficult being a foodie, I say. Firstly, there’s just so much waiting there beckoning to you saying “eat me” and secondly, you’re always fighting a losing battle with the weighing scales. Losing battle all the way, especially since I realized (much to my dismay, might I add) that I will never come close to looking like Ms Natalie Gleb-drop-everything-dead-Gova, the current Miss Universe and decided therefore to go ahead and just enjoy being a food junkie instead.

Two noteworthy performances

I have to write about two performances that I enjoyed in the last week.

One was last Sunday evening at the Palace Grounds – Octoberfest, the festival organized by Kingfisher. Since, beer is not something that tickles my fancy, I was hoping the music would be worth going for. On that note, I must also add, that I was pleasantly surprised by the way the whole set-up was organized. They had nice seating arrangements all around the front area of the stage, so you could chill out and eat your food and drink your beer and enjoy the music from wherever you were.