Month: March 2006

Politics of life, love and betrayal

It’s been on my reading list for a while and I finally managed to finish it!

The Kite Runner is about two boys Amir and Hassan who grow up in Afghanistan. While Amir is the son of a businessman, Hassan’s father is a servant to Amir’s father. Yet, they forge a friendship when they are really young (they are also nursed by the same woman). Inspite of their closeness, Amir finds it difficult to acknowledge Hassan as a friend because of their class differences. Once particular incident seals their fate and Amir can never reconcile to what constitutes a rather cowardly act.

Heartwarming story!

Have you folks read or watched ‘Message in a Bottle’? I loved the book and cried dollops watching the movie. And unbelievable as it was, you still tend to cling on to the fact that maybe these things happen. Just as the protagonist of the novel sets out (even against everyone’s advice) to find the man whose message she found in the bottle, she is filled with a determination that cannot be explained.

Sights and sounds of an Indian marketplace

Marketplaces never cease to fascinate me. I can sit and watch the going-ons for hours. There’s so much action. Buying, selling, haggling, transporting, cutting, trimming, sorting, cleaning – it’s all there. Saturday morning, I made a trip to Russell market. After two years in Bangalore, I thought it was high time. I reached around 6.30 am in the morning. Vendors were busy sorting through mountains of vegetables. Saturday mass was starting at the church nearby. Flower and candle sellers had already set up shop for the day.