Month: July 2006

Oh, for a taste of Belgium!

Shibs and I go to this place often until last month, we saw a closing down sign. That was quite upsetting since we loved the waffles in this place. But last week I got a forward from a friend with some good news that two enterprising folks were taking up the tough ask of reviving the place! The place is none other than De Lekkerbek, the Belgian Café, on 80 feet road, Koramangala. So the other day, along with Shibs, and a few others, it was time to revisit… It’s a nice and quiet place to sit and catch up with friends. The waffles were great as usual and we also tried the banana crepe. Besides that, we ordered the chicken scallopini, Belgian fries and a vegetarian dish, whose name I forget. Ranjeet and Riad, the two folks who are going to try and revive the place need your support! So do visit it as soon as you get a chance! Both of them are doing this along with their work, so it’s definitely going …

Bush and Tony show

Reading this conversation in the papers kept me in splits on my way to work in the morning. I always wondered what kind of high brow conversation these leaders indulge in when converging for fancy summits like the G-8. Well, the mystery solved. Leaving the mic on (the man is smarter than you think, you have to admit!) Bush refered to Condoleeza Rice as ‘Condi’, swore about Hezbollah until Blair realised and switched their mics off!! Too funny, watch it!

What’s happening with blogspot?

This is shocking! I thought one site was down till I read this story. I hope it gets resolved soon. I can’t access any blogspot blogs as of now… And till then, you can use this URL to access blogspot blogs. From “Two sources, one inside the Government of India and the other kind of inside/outside have confirmed to the Mutiny, that ISPs are being instructed to ‘control’ access to blogspot. It seems that some blogs are being used by some terror units (read SIMI) to communicate.” Here’s the blogger collective group that has been formed. Jace is following the ban and writes: “Get this, folks. This isn’t about censoring bloggers. This is about curtailment of civil rights of all internet users. That is what we should be fighting against.” More on Boing-Boing. Shivam Vij is following through on the phone. A list of ISPs that seem to have blocked blogspot blogs. And Anand manages to cling on to his sense of humour and the Great Bong hasn’t lost all his reasoning either! Don’t …

What Mumbai means to me

It did not deserve this surely. Close on the heels of the furore of the monsoons, it now has another terrorist attack to deal with. If it gives in, it’s broken. If it goes about its business, it’s uncaring. Sometimes, I think that it’s so unfair that a city that gives its residents so unselfishly, has to endure so much from some half crazed bunch of fools, who go about killing innocent people, for god knows what purpose. I can’t believe these people seriously think they’re sent to earth with a purpose to kill others. What kind of lunatics are they and what drives them? Not religion surely, because I don’t know any on earth that actually condones this kind of nonsensical, demented behaviour.