Month: September 2006


Early morning, on Saturday, I found myself on Avenue Road, Chickpet along with a bunch of around 10 other enthu cutlets. I had never before ventured into that side of town so it was an interesting experience, I must say. I will write about it sometime later, but meanwhile, I really liked this picture that Srividya took of us in a happy relaxed mood! From left to right: Kshitiz aka Happy Horizons, Silvester aka Cyberscorpion, Chandra, Pranathi, Pooja, Deepsan, moi – Photo courtesy: Srividya


The celebration run at the marathon on Sunday morning turned out to be the greatest fun! I reached the stadium around 8.30 am when the crowds were beginning to come in. Some of the full and half marathon folks were just crossing the exit line. The full marathon was won by an Indian so that’s something to cheer about! Considering it took us 1 hour to complete the celebration run and this guy ran 40 something kms in 2 hours something minutes. Hmm… The celebration run @ the Bangalore marathon