Month: November 2006

Not another free credit card!

Will somebody tell these people that I don’t need another credit card? Or a personal loan (I already have a few under my belt thank you!). Or a life insurance policy (I have 2 and I only have one life last time I checked). So, here I am in the middle of something important and the phone rings. “Madam, we are offering you a free lifetime XXX credit card?”

Another new brunch in town

Brunches can prove to be rather harmful to your pockets. But just hanging out at a nice place, enjoying the breezy and cool Bangalore weather in the company of family and friends over a long, leisurely lunch is not an altogether unpleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon either. I would recommend it once in a while! This Sunday, I got an opportunity to try out the brunch at Lido, the 24 hour coffee place and restaurant, at Ista. For those of you who might not know this place, it’s the hotel built in the same place where the old Lido theatre was located. It’s relatively new so a lot of people haven’t heard of it as yet. Here’s the review of Ista and Lido and a whole lot of pictures!

Another chance encounter!

This reminded me of my chance encounter around this time last year. I ran into Param and Shruti at the place I was staying in Paris (they had just returned from somewhere and were booked into the same place) and we crossed paths. Shruti, I’d met once once before, but Param I only knew virtually! It was even funnier because we’d been trying to set up a meeting in Bangalore and never quite succeeded. That chance encounter led to a lovely evening spent on a Paris roadside drinking wine, eating French food and also meeting another familiar face, Mahesh, who was studying there. ~~ This happened on Saturday morning. My car had gone for servicing so I was crossing the road, to take a rick for an appointment with the dentist. As luck would have it, a few ricks rejected me. Suddenly, a bike stopped right in front of me and a guy says, “Anita!” with a rather expectant look. I look a little blankly, since he was also wearing a helmet. And I have …

House hunting woes in Bangalore

So I’ve been looking for a place to buy. My mom thinks I should get “settled”. I think it’s a scary word and I have never quite understood why parents make it the purpose of their lives. If children are happy and content living their lives the way they want, why put so much pressure to conform to what they (the parents) think is the right way to live their lives? Settling down in mom’s dictionary would mean having most (preferably all and more!) of the following – house, car, safe, secure job, money in bank, husband/wife, kids (not necessarily in the same order). While I don’t necessarily agree to this definition of being “settled in life” who’s going to do the explaining to my mom? Not me. I do want to live for a few more years 🙂

It never seems to end…

Another two blasts in Guwahati yesterday. I called mom and dad immediately. My dad told me he was in the same area the day before. It’s a busy shopping centre so there’s likely to be quite a lot of people around. Mom travels to and fro work everyday and a pretty long distance. It’s a little scary and unnerving as to how easy it is for someone to plant a bomb. The next thing you know is someone’s family is wiped out. Someone loses a father, someone a mother, someone else a sibling perhaps. And to what end? Right now, it’s more like violence for the sake of violence. They seem to be intent to terrorising the common man and wiping out their own people from the face of the state.