Year: 2007

And so… life goes on

An eventful year it has been. Masala, action, romance, thrills, spills and loads of drama. Okay, I’m exaggerating. That was the movie I watched last night. But many of these elements have sprung up now and then adding some spice to an otherwise normal and mundane life 🙂 Loads of fun, action, good fun and most of all… travel! This coming year, I plan to settle down. Heh (my wandering soul, I mean! 🙂 Here’s wishing all of you a rocking, fantabulous, eventful 2008 – till we meet again in the brand new year!

Xmas on Unwind Isle

A week or so ago, we went for a team lunch to a place called Unwind Island somewhere on the Outer Ring Road. Don’t ask me why they call it that, I couldn’t really figure out as there wasn’t an island in sight 🙂 A few days ago, on the Xmas break, as we were being rowed across a river to a little island called Amgol, my first thought was: “Now this is the real unwind island!” And it did turn out to be just that – a time to relax and unwind. But no travelogue for now, I’m going to hopefully catch up on all my pending travel pieces soon. I think I need a good 2-3 days of pure uninterrupted bliss to complete everything! I’ve been terribly slack lately with different things taking priority, but I do have the Coorg and Paro (Bhutan) pieces coming up.


A gruelling 26 kms, on a course that had a combination of several uphill / downhill combinations and took me exactly 4 hours to complete! A rather scenic place to run in – so that made things much better! And organisers that had it all right and planned everything efficiently and perfectly. (Unlike the Bangalore International Marathon, which I hear didn’t do very well on that front). Finally, after weeks of anticipation, completed my first ever long run. Am super thrilled and a longer post will come up soon!

Weekend with travel bloggers

The gang posing atop Brahmagiri hill Spent last weekend in cool Coorg with a bunch of travel and blog enthusiasts – some who I was already familiar with and a bunch of new faces. It was great to meet the folks whose blogs I had been following for a while now – Arun and Mridula amongst others. The group was an eclectic one from the quiet to the very talkative, to the serious to the fun loving, but somewhere we found a fine and fun balance! The travel report and pictures will follow later.

On photography

“Photography was the hobby that saved me a few years ago when I landed in Bangalore with exactly two human contacts. This gang of photography and travel enthusiasts in the city proved to be a lifesaver. Without them, I would probably still be walking up and down Brigade Road on weekends, bored out of my wits. ” And I’m quite seriously actually. I can’t quite imagine my life not surrounded by the creative enthusiastic photographers and travellers that I’ve had the good fortune to meet through the Bangalore Weekend Shoots group. I’ve never run out of things to do on weekends since then! The column is here on Live Mint and it was also published in the print edition last Saturday.