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Back home!

Coming back and settling down after a longish vacation is always the hardest part…

Besides the usual hangover that accompanies the break, one has to get back to:

: Dusting, sweeping and swabbing un-lived and extremely untidy just moved-in apartment

: Clearing and answering backlog of emails

: Get a grip on pending work (still pending, damn!)

: Answer questions like – so how was it? (is there ever a suitable enough response to that question, I wonder?!)

: Getting acclimatised to sitting in front of the machine after days without it (and hardly missing it!)

: And lastly, getting used to the weather change!

From the sub-zero temperatures at over 14,000 feet at Tawang and beyond, we come back to be greeted by the 35 degree plus heat in Bangalore!

Sigh – do I really need to say anything at all?

(*Note: Overloaded with photos and travel notes that will slowly unfold over the weeks to come!)


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