Coming back and settling down after a longish vacation is always the hardest part…

Besides the usual hangover that accompanies the break, one has to get back to:

: Dusting, sweeping and swabbing un-lived and extremely untidy just moved-in apartment

: Clearing and answering backlog of emails

: Get a grip on pending work (still pending, damn!)

: Answer questions like – so how was it? (is there ever a suitable enough response to that question, I wonder?!)

: Getting acclimatised to sitting in front of the machine after days without it (and hardly missing it!)

: And lastly, getting used to the weather change!

From the sub-zero temperatures at over 14,000 feet at Tawang and beyond, we come back to be greeted by the 35 degree plus heat in Bangalore!

Sigh – do I really need to say anything at all?

(*Note: Overloaded with photos and travel notes that will slowly unfold over the weeks to come!)

9 thoughts on “Back home!

  1. Welcome back to the workathon!!

    After every vacation you got to learn one thing again and again that is “Life is all about choice and making the right ones!”..

    Once you don’t have any you tend to ‘come’ back!!


  2. Hi Anita, How did Kit Kat greet you when you got back. I like reading about Kit Kat too , please include her in your posts.

    How did Kit Kat manage without you? How do you house train a cat when you keep moving first from Mumbai and now to another house in Bangalore.

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