Month: March 2008

Connected at last!

After several failed attempts at getting Airtel (no ports), Sify (no connectivity in my area), Hathway (no response), I finally settled on Tata Wi-Max (VSNL) who got back to me very promptly saying they could give me a connection. Surprisingly, the folks at TI were super efficient. Not only was my connection okayed in a couple of days, they were ready to install it a day after I had signed the dotted line. I wasn’t in town and had to wait for a while to do it. They came over, installed an antenna on my roof and in about 15 minutes I was connected and ready to go. After several months tearing my hair out with a super slow Reliance Data card connection : I get about 2 bars as signal (out of 6) anywhere in my house – this new connection seems like a life changing experience. Really. Not only that, the Indicom folks called a few times checking on my connection, gave me tips on how to check the speed and making sure …

How the ‘green’ is going out of Bangalore

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirro reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to each other.” – Gandhi It’s sad, it’s terribly depressing and it’s outright frustrating. One day, there’s a massive tree towering over the road providing much needed shade on the road. The next day it’s gone. Mercilessly felled off to make way for more cars. The tree that took a hundred years to grow. Struck down in a single stroke.

Birthday musings

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~ Lucille Ball Thanks to everyone who called, messaged and mailed (and also left messages on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter) yesterday to wish me. Yes, I completed yet another year! Arggh. Age seems to be in a hurry to take over right now just as I’m beginning to apply the brakes and trying to tell it to go slow. The secret however, I have realised, lies in Lucille Ball’s wise statement. Not so much the part about living honestly or lying about age. It’s the bit about eating slowly. I think it’s very important to eat slowly and I’m going to endeavour to get it right. I eat way to fast, mostly when I get really excited about the food 🙂 So a couple of weeks after going for the Auroville marathon, I decided to head there again as I hadn’t quite had my fill the last time. This time around, there was loads more time to chill out, relax …

Running the spiral at Auroville

On the Feb 16/17 weekend along with a gang of friends travelled to Pondicherry for the Auroville marathon. Auroville turned 40 on Feb 28 and this was one of the events to commemorate the occasion. Though I must admit that I shuffled and walked through most of this one since I had fallen and knocked my knee a few days earlier while running in Cubbon Park. But I did manage to complete the half marathon of around 22 kms. A group of schoolgirls pass by a lovely yellow coloured building fringed by a bougainvillea tree in full bloom The trail was lovely : I did more of sightseeing and admiring while going through some of these kaccha roads that I would never have found on my own! Auroville was a pretty sight with the yellow, orange, red, pink bougainvillea in full bloom adding so much colour to the atmosphere!