Day: March 6, 2008

Birthday musings

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~ Lucille Ball Thanks to everyone who called, messaged and mailed (and also left messages on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter) yesterday to wish me. Yes, I completed yet another year! Arggh. Age seems to be in a hurry to take over right now just as I’m beginning to apply the brakes and trying to tell it to go slow. The secret however, I have realised, lies in Lucille Ball’s wise statement. Not so much the part about living honestly or lying about age. It’s the bit about eating slowly. I think it’s very important to eat slowly and I’m going to endeavour to get it right. I eat way to fast, mostly when I get really excited about the food 🙂 So a couple of weeks after going for the Auroville marathon, I decided to head there again as I hadn’t quite had my fill the last time. This time around, there was loads more time to chill out, relax …

Running the spiral at Auroville

On the Feb 16/17 weekend along with a gang of friends travelled to Pondicherry for the Auroville marathon. Auroville turned 40 on Feb 28 and this was one of the events to commemorate the occasion. Though I must admit that I shuffled and walked through most of this one since I had fallen and knocked my knee a few days earlier while running in Cubbon Park. But I did manage to complete the half marathon of around 22 kms. A group of schoolgirls pass by a lovely yellow coloured building fringed by a bougainvillea tree in full bloom The trail was lovely : I did more of sightseeing and admiring while going through some of these kaccha roads that I would never have found on my own! Auroville was a pretty sight with the yellow, orange, red, pink bougainvillea in full bloom adding so much colour to the atmosphere!