Day: April 25, 2008

One weekend in Singapore

After a hectic week at home, it was time for a flying visit to Singapore. I’d had a stop over at the island years and years ago, so I didn’t have too many ideas about the place. All I knew was that it was a smallish island very close to Malaysia and Indonesia. And some pictures I’ve seen in magazines and television. Firstly, I must say, what particularly surprised (and distressed me at the same time) is that the women in Singapore are extremely… thin! And I must say that I did notice that several of these thin young women tucking in many delicacies. And yet, they were as thin as a needle. How do you do this, I asked a nice Singaporean girl, who surprised me by admitting that she had had 3 kids already and still looked like she was still in her twenties. Of course she wouldn’t divulge the real reason – she was hardly about to make it easy for me! Anyway, apart from this alarming trend, what really surprised me …

A time to eat… and eat some more

Rongali Bihu is a fun time for us Assamese people. Luckily for me, I landed in the thick of action. The second day itself I was whisked off for a Bihu gathering by my dad. Apparently it’s a tradition for his group of friends (going way back to 1957!) to meet during Bihu and spend some time together. So a group of his friends was there along with their better halves in some cases, making it a motley collection of about 20 odd 60+ year folks recollecting their school days and still bonding so many years later. It was a rather nice sight to see.