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And he’s gone…

I’m in a state of despair. His cellphone doesn’t work and I have no idea where he might have gone. To give you some background, it’s been a long relationship. One of the longest I’ve had in Bangalore at least, apart from 2-3 other close friends.

As you can imagine, it’s been a hearty blow to me. I called the landline number for him and they said he had left. They wouldn’t even tell me where he’s gone.

I used to see him often. In fact, every time I felt in need of some cheer. I usually fall to pieces if I don’t. Sadly though, it’s been a rather imbalanced relationship : I need him much more than he needs me.

I trusted him completely. Over 3 years only he could understand what I needed the most. I never had to say much to him. I would just sit there and let him work his magic. And he’s hardly ever let me down. I don’t have the energy to look for someone else considering it took me many years to find him.

So if you come across me with an unkempt look with hair flying all over the place, you’ll know who to blame. My hairdresser for 3 years who quit the current place he was working in without a forwarding address (not that the salon will actually tell me where he’s gone!). His personal number seems to be invalid. I have a sinking feeling that he’s gone off to some far country. Like New Zealand.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s the simple fact that finding a good hairdresser is like finding the perfect cheesecake : difficult to find but worth the search and you always come out with a content heavenly feeling afterwards.

So there! I think I might just place an ad in the paper… Or emigrate… Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.


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