Month: January 2009

Running in Mumbai

The Mumbai run was an exciting event for me. The registrations start way in advance so there is quite a build up over the months. It was another story that I wasn’t too prepared and hadn’t put in any long runs in the month prior to Mumbai. But I was excited, never the less. My mom expressed her surprise when I said I was going to Mumbai. To run. I had after all lived in the city for well over 5 years and she couldn’t quite figure out why at this stage in life, I was suddenly travelling all the way to another city just to run. Some things are just too hard to explain.

Looking forward to…

A quick update… It’s been a hectic few weeks. My blog looks a little forlorn. I have a tea story from Cochin in my head and I haven’t managed to post it. Besides running a 5K in the women’s corporate rally at the Midnight Marathon on Jan 9, I haven’t really done any long runs mainly out of laziness and the cold (it’s a nice excuse!). So, I am definitely not happy with my preparations for Mumbai, but it’s too late for hindsight and after thought… But, on the bright side, I’m looking forward to: ~ Catching up with old friends ~ Eating (no trip of mine can be complete without this anyway!) ~ Window shopping (somebody will need to stop me from splurging) ~ Running in Mumbai for the first time! And so, here I go…

Mumbai calling!

So, in a few weeks time, it will be time to visit Mumbai! The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is on January 18. I am hoping to run into a few bloggers and familiar faces on the race day. If you’re in Mumbai during the time, do come out and cheer. There’s the dream run too (6k) where you can run/walk and I’ve asked some friends to participate in that at least. Quite a few of us from Bangalore will be travelling for the event. In my 5 years in Mumbai, I was never even aware of the marathon and it’s actually quite ironical that I will be travelling all the way from Bangalore to be a part of it now! But, that’s life… always full of surprises 🙂 Anyone planning to run? Or coming out to cheer? 🙂