Month: June 2009

Right on “Trek”!

So a year or so ago, I was presented with a Hercules bicycle. It’s a really reliable cycle and stood me in good stead over quite a few long trips that I made. Of course, by the end of the trip, every muscle of mine would be strained, but at least I was getting some good exercise in the bargain (and burning more calories too). But I figured that it was time to upgrade. Especially seeing folks talk lovingly about their Treks and Meridas made me also think of taking a step up in the cycling world. Of course, it’s always difficult to make that decision. Which bike to buy? ~ Road or MTB or hybrid? ~ How much should I spend on a bike? ~ Which brand? Trek/Merida/Cannondale/Bianchi/Hero/Firefox?

The night I got rained out!

Of course we all know what happens on Bangalore roads when it rains. But I was the least prepared for the events to unfold that night. After dinner with friends at Indiranagar I set off towards Koramangala. It had been raining for around an hour but I didn’t really realize how bad things were outside. The Intermediate Ring Road had gotten fully water logged. Worse still the water on one side was sloshing over like huge ocean waves into the other side (the side I was on!). As a result, there were cars trying to move through higher than knee deep water on the same side of the road in two different directions. In Bangalore, traffic is disastrous enough even on different sides of the road. So you can imagine the scenario. In front of me, stretched an endless stream of vehicles all trying to negotiate the high waters and not having much luck. Some vehicles had gotten stuck adding to the woes of those behind. Suddenly, I felt a gushing sounds inside my car …