Month: September 2009

New look!

It’s time for a new look and feel to my blog! And also time to upgrade my WordPress – I still had an ancient version installed which does not automatically upgrade when a new one is released. While I’m updating some sections and making sure everything is in order, there might be some broken links, things not working, stuff not showing – do drop me a mail on anitabora at yahoo in case you notice anything amiss! In the meanwhile, let me go forth and carry on my repair work… Please follow and like us:

The Yahoo! Big Thinkers India series 2009

Started in 2007, this is a series of quarterly lectures this year on science, technology and the internet in India. The lectures, under the banner of the Yahoo! Big Thinkers India series, bring together academia, scientists, the corporate world and the media. The speakers are acclaimed experts from the Yahoo! International team. They bring with them the expertise and global perspective of the constantly changing world of technology, online products & communities and the internet space in general. This time the topic is: Sociotechnical Design and Engineering: Putting People First The speaker is Elizabeth F Churchill, a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research, where she manages the research area of Internet Experiences. A psychologist by training, for the past 15 years she has drawn on diverse areas to consider how to design effective communication situations both face to face and technologically mediated. Applications developed and/or evaluated include cell phone interfaces, textual and 3d graphical environments, interactive digital posterboards and animated interface personas. Abstract: Sociotechnical design is concerned with understanding how users and technologies shape each …