Month: December 2009

Another year, another journey!

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me. Even if I don’t update the blog as frequently as I should, I make sure I do an end of the year post 🙂 It’s that time of the year after all! The time to look back, relive good memories, learn from the bad ones and move on to shinier, happier days! There’s no time (or bandwidth) left now to look back on 2009 (I’m sure there will be more occasions!) but here’s wishing everyone a grand New Year! And as they say here in Sri Lanka – “ayubowan”! The misty mountains from Knuckles Range, 27 kms from Kandy, Sri Lanka More pics from Sri Lanka


TFN and the rest of the trip

Day 3: Hassan to Madikeri A day filled with scenic routes but a lot of climbs and pretty tiring too in the end. It turned out to be a long day for me. The best part was early on when we had the Gorur dam stretch opened up for us to cycle on – around 3-4 kms on the dam itself. The ascent to Madikeri was a tough, tiring and long climb to end the day and after that we had another descent of nearly 5 kms to the homestay off Madikeri – made worse by the really really bad roads. We were glad that we had some Coorg food waiting for us!

Tour of the Nilgiris: Day 1 and 2

On Day 1, we made it from Bangalore to Mysore via the National Highway. It wasn’t the most pleasant stretch in terms of traffic, but I was just glad that I could get this part over with. With trucks and other high speed vehicles all moving at break neck speeds and honking continuously, it’s not really conducive to cyclists. But after lunch on the road, we reached our destination – the comfortable Hotel Regaalis and even got some time to take in some sightseeing in the evening.