Month: January 2011

House on St Marks

The house on St Marks Road

Amidst high rise buildings, swanky stores and restaurants, this abandoned house located in prime property on St Marks road is bound to grab your attention when you walk past. In the shade of some lovely old trees, the house stands tired, broken, and falling apart – painting a rather sad picture. We were having breakfast at MTR just adjacent to the house when we sauntered in with our cameras. Though I’ve always wondered about this building, I’ve never actually bothered to find out more about the place.

Into the Light

Into the light!

2011 came without much warning. I breezed through 2010. A lot of travel and work kept me busy and off the blog! The “project” I much wanted to launch didn’t see light of day (at least formally). But then, that’s life, I discovered. Most things you have on your “to do” list don’t get done and you’re staring at a nearly full list at the beginning of a fresh year. But I am quite excited now. Filled with some apprehension. But excited, never the less. And why, you might ask? For starters, after years of thinking about it, I’ve decided to fly solo. While I learnt a lot from corporate life, I think it’s time to try a few things on my own. See where the road “less taken” leads me… I’ve discovered that while I really enjoyed my job, I was also not really concentrating on the different ideas I had in my head. So I’ve termed 2011 as my “Into the Light” year! I am going to explore dimensions and avenues and see …