Year: 2013

Dreaming of Darjeeling

Dreaming of Darjeeling!

The temperatures are soaring. It’s hot and Bangalore these days could give Chennai some stiff competition on the heat front!  So if you (like me) are dreaming of cooler climes, do consider this lovely farmstay up in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. Tathagata Farm is located in a cer­ti­fied organic vil­lage called Min­eral Spring which is an hour’s ride from Dar­jeel­ing town. If like ven­tur­ing off the beaten path, then I am sure you will love your stay here. At the backdrop of a very rural rustic life and greenery, Tathagata Farm is a space for travelers to be a part of an idyllic country experience. You could try your hands with tea making, learning local cuisine, cooking on firewood, backyard farming or just plucking veggies. With a view of the hills around, you could also just sit back, relax and sip on countless cups of the famed Darjeeling tea! The complete post is here on my Besthomestaysindia website. Related articles The Darjeeling Mountain Railways Organic Darjeeling Tea – Best for Your Health

Achilles tendon tear

The Achilles tendon tear injury: Getting back

In August last year, I suffered from an Achilles tendon tear for which I had to undergo surgery. A few months ago, I wrote about being stuck in a (pink) cast. It was a frustrating time for me since I couldn’t do anything. Let alone cook myself a meal, clean or walk without getting really tired. I graduated from the cast and by December I was walking without the crutches. After around 2 weeks, I began physiotherapy for around 21 days to get back the range of motion in the ankle. However, the process of getting back to full recovery is a long and painful one. I hope this helps anyone who has sustained the injury. I think only those who have undergone the surgery and the rehabilitation process will understand the true nature of this injury, though I know it’s like stating the obvious. While there is no constant pain, there is always an underlying tightness in the area. It doesn’t feel quite right. It’s inflexible around the ankle area, the muscle has become …

new banana cafe

The search for good food in Pondicherry

It’s no secret that I love good food. And I will go to extreme lengths to find it! I chanced upon the Banana Cafe, thanks to my sister who currently calls this town her abode. It was a small hole in the wall operation, but going by its popularity, I knew that something was obviously attracting a lot of customers. And since it was a restaurant, I deduced it had to be the quality of the food! I tried it and loved it. On a later trip to Pondi, my sister informed me that the cafe had since been shut down as they had to vacate the small space they were operating from (it was a part of a larger house). Which was a pity since it was walking distance from where my sister lives. But the story doesn’t end there. A few months later, on another trip I was given the good news. The owner had managed to find another place for his business. It’s now tucked away in a quiet lane called Cazy street and you’ll …