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A walk in the park

October 27th, 2005: Early morning we set out on a walk from the Youth Hostel where we were staying in Glasgow. We looked at the map and the University area looked like a walk able distance. The route took us through the beautiful Kelvingrove Park adjacent to the University of Glasgow.

Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park is one of the most popular parks in the city of Glasgow. It is located in the west end of the city and sits on both banks of the River Kelvin. Covering 85 acres, it was created as the West End Park in 1852 by Sir Joseph Paxton. (Source: Wikipedia)

Kelvingrove Park

With autumn in the air, the foliage in all its glorious colours : different shades of green, red, yellow : was a feast to the eyes. We roamed around enjoying the early morning chill in the air.

Kelvingrove Park

We came across an interesting sight – many healthy, but slow moving squirrels in the park. Are they drugged, pondered my sister, when one of them came right up to us, put his nose up in the air, looking a little like a suspicious but curious all the same. Squirrels usually run away at the sight of any movement, especially when the source is a human!

Squirrels in Kelvingrove

A lady passed by and dropped a few pieces of something in front of the squirrel. On closer inspection, it turned out to be chocolate. No wonder, the squirrels that inhabit Kelvingrove are not only healthy, they’re also very friendly since they now equate humans with chocolates and food. Smart (and lucky) squirrels!

Squirrels at Kelvingrove


  1. good collection of photos .. i have set my background with these photos.. send me more if u have.. nice blog.. good work.. keep it up

  2. Shalini says

    Hey Ani !

    Nice Photographs. You capture them so well …. i have almost become a fan of you and your blogs. Well Thanks to you and karthik( i have finally started my own blog…….but i am having some trouble u see…. i am not a techie and there are certian basic things which i would like to know from you about blogs.
    Hope i can write to about the same………..Promise it WONT be a long list of questions :-)….

    And you know something i at times envy you and your lifestyle…. i guess you are the kind of person who lives for the moment and cherishes evry ounce of it !! You do celebrate your life in the best possible way !! I dont know how right i am …… thts for you to tell me…..

    waiting for your nest post.

    CIAO !!

  3. Beautiful pictures! By the way – squirells are increasingly being considered a nuisance pest in the UK. Especially the grey ones – which are actually of North American origin – and were brought here by travellers returning from the New World. The native red squirells (which are not found in urban areas) are very shy creatures – and have been reducing in population (to the point of extinction) due to the gradual expansion of the grey squirell population – who (as you have witnessed) are extremely obnoxious – and have been known to attack other small animals and children!

  4. Neetika says

    hi Anita!
    You write awesome blogs.You express all your feelings in them. You also capture good photographs. As i am nature lover i really liked these snaps.
    All the best.

  5. I find the squirrels in UK very cheeky to the extent that they come close enough to little kids and scare the child into giving them the food in hand. I used to love squirrels in India, can’t stand them here.

  6. yeah, noticed that abt the squirrels in the UK. Saw this one on a tree in a park. I stood there watching it for a few minutes, getting closer slowly and it didn’t move an inch!!! He merely stared back at me :-0

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