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Kerala style in Karnataka city

I had an awesome time the last time I visited Bangalore. This time around, it’s more of work, but I have the evenings to wander around. Meanwhile, I’m trying to come up with ideas to amuse myself! The ‘Celebrate Bangalore’ festival on from the 7-14th promises to be interesting. Am hoping to catch some of the events.

There’s just a handful of people I know in Bangalore and I haven’t been able to meet anyone as yet. Everyone is ‘busy’, making me a little worried. Has the ‘busy-around-the-clock’ syndrome hit this town too?!

[A view of the Ayurvedagram Health Resort]Contemplated making a short trip out of Bangalore, but am feeling downright lazy right now. Not that I’ve been working hard recently, but I opted for a relatively short trip to the outskirts of the city to a place called Ayurvedagram over the weekend to ‘relax and rejuvenate’. The thought of a hot oil massage and a steam bath sounded just too tempting to pass. Besides having loads of time to spare makes the mind a little restless so I think a little bit of meditation is in order here…


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