Eating Out
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Call of the kitchen

Meg of fame is transitioning from a geek to a chef.

Nidhi is closing her blog and will be posting only recipes now.

Madhu has already given it all up to start Shiok.

Talking about the art of cooking reminds me of my sister, who used to be so lazy, that she wouldn’t even make a cup of tea, let alone a meal. I would experiment in baking sometimes, and come up with a chocolate cake, once in a while. But sis, oh no! The kitchen was one area she studiously avoided. My mother often wondered how she would manage. And one of life’s little ironies -sis became a chef! My mother still wonders how this transformation actually happened.

I am wondering what it is that attracts people to give up their careers and head for the kitchen. It’s hot, sweaty and tiring work. And you have to be on your feet the whole day. Something that would definitely be really hard for me. Even cooking continuously for 2 hours in the kitchen and I can feel my feet muscles objecting strongly.

I remember, when living with two girls during my Pune days, we would enthusiastically plan every night’s dinner in advance taking turns. Out of the three of us, one was a really good cook. It wasn’t me 🙂

Through my working years, I have looked upon cooking more as a headache. Something you have to do when you get back from work, whatever the time, because your body needs the nourishment. But I have never quite enjoyed the whole rigmarole very much. There was actually a stage a few years ago, when I would buy every cookbook I came across and try new recipes ever so often. I realised though that I can’t cook very well from recipe books. I cook mainly on andaz, put some stuff together and voila, there’s something edible.

But anyway, my point is that, there is no love lost between me and the kitchen right now. I just know I am happier out of it. The only time I wander around there is when I feel really hungry and since my cat won’t cook a meal for me, I’m forced to think of a short-cut recipes to keep my hunger under control. I am thinking of buying a few of those 2 minute recipe books. The thought of spending more time in the kitchen pains me. Sigh, maybe some day, I’ll rediscover the love of cooking. Till then, thank god for cooks and tiffin services :0)


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