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The week that was…

Last week was so hectic that at times I had these out-of-body experiences where I looked at myself doing several things at once and thinking of twice as much and feeling rather sorry for myself. And added to that a headache that started somewhere around Monday and kept plaguing me at intervals of time during the week like I needed a reminder that I had one : a head I mean : not a headache.

Deki’s baby continues to get cuter everytime I see her. She was a total doll when she was born and I swear, I have not seen a cuter baby. And thanks for all that Bailey’s Irish Cream last Sunday, Deki 🙂

We had to say goodbye to Arnab last week, and we went to Samarkhand to celebrate the occasion. (Just kidding, pest!). I heard of the precocious Arnab Nandi when he had come up with (which he eventually sold for undisclosed millions and has stashed away in Swiss bank 😉 and he was in Delhi at that time. I kept in touch with him via email and we finally met at Just Around the Corner on this fateful day when he came to Mumbai! I think he even treated me to a dessert, which is saying quite a lot since he refused to buy me even a coffee here.

Sometime this year, I got an email from Mr Nandi saying he was soon coming to this city so we better watch out. Since my exposure to Mr Nandi was limited to that one meal, I had quite a good impression of the boy. Much to my dismay, Mr Nandi turned to be a quite a pest (as I discovered during a camping trip a few months ago) and tends to remember his mum a lot in these situations. But I think his foray into the outside world (read: Amrica) will teach him a few lessons yet ;0) So Mr Nandi, here’s hoping to catch up with you somewhere again soon! I can’t believe I am saying this, but we will miss you 🙂

Another blogger to meet : this time it was Charu who was passing time in Bangalore as she was not able to get back to Mumbai because of the rains. We spent an evening at Shiok (where else?!) where Madman plied us with some food and amazing orange liqueur. Suman was expecting someone with a moustache and was speechless for a bit when Charu turned out to be a ‘she’!

On Friday, I thought I’d settle into what I call “my wasting away in the couch” days, and was all prepared to spend some time with the cat, when I got a call from the lovely Ms Shibs and the charming Mr Z. Plans were hatched quickly and we went to this rather nice pub in Forum called Firaangi Paani.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s quite a decently done up place and worth a visit. The music they played that day was really good : all old rock and roll numbers. And they did wonders to my rather low spirits at the end of the week. A few folks a table away were having a mighty good time and especially one waif-like girl who was dancing with several of the men at the same time. I don’t know how she got to be so thin, but I definitely wanted! (what she was having, I mean ;). A special thank you to both Z and S for being such sweethearts though it will be a while before I forgive both of you for what followed. (Revenge is in the offing, Ms S).

After crashing at about 3 am in the morning, we were up at 6.30 am and had to rush across half the countryside to reach MG Road. We had bravely enrolled for the Bangalore Walk on Saturday morning. We barely made it but that is the subject of my next post…


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