This Bangalore Weekend Shoots on July 8 plan was an open one. They’re actually quite good fun since we just decide the route and then wherever someone finds something interesting – we stop and shoot!

hands that shape

We decided to go on the Nandi Hills route, and possibly visit the hillock called Skandangiri. There was also the cemetery that was featured in a local paper in Sultanpet. So off we went.

We got off to an early start at 530 am in the morning but managed to miss the rest of the gang. When people say “we’ll meet at Mekhri Circle”, we should remember that it’s not a circle so there can be several points before and after the intersection one can meet. As a result, we were sitting by the pavement counting chicken and sheep, while the rest of the gang met under the “underpass” and zoomed past!

Anyway, we managed to catch one of them on the phone and found out they were already 10 kms away. We set off on the highway and caught up with the gang of about 8 at Devanahalli bus stop.

From there we drove towards Nandi Hills and at the T-junction, took a right to the village of Sultanpet.


The cemetery was rather small and more important in terms of history. There wasn’t much to photograph there. But what we found were a few potters at work. They were working in a old ramshackle building and with the early morning light, everything looked really interesting.


We watched them at work for a while and then wandered around to the area where they store their pots (another old building nearby) and discovered lots of interesting nooks and corners. So all of us had something or the other catching our interest. One of the gang members even managed to go down some rickety steps into a well!

me against them standing apart

I had a nice time watching the potters at work. I find the whole process of pot-making rather fascinating. I think a hour or so quickly passed by while we were all busy around this place.


After that we re-grouped and then decided to move on the next place – a temple a little further ahead. All of us landed up at the small temple and found some interesting rocks nearby and decided to climb them instead. So some of us (a few had height fear) went atop and did some candid photography and had some fun taking group shots there.

on the rocks

From there, except for one who left as he had to reach town early, we proceeded towards Nandi Hills for breakfast. Most people weren’t keen on trekking in the afternoon sun to the other hillock we had earlier planned to climb. Since I’d already visited Nandi Hills a few times, I was more interested in the food. And I wanted Maggi – it tastes better in Nandi Hills for some strange reason!


We found a restaurant there who served us not only Maggi noodles, but also bread omlettes, dosas, chai and coffee. It was time to leave as it was already afternoon. A few others remained to do some photography around the Nandi Hills area. We were back in the city by 3 pm.

The album: Potters @ Sultanpet and Nandi Hills

26 thoughts on “A drive to Sultanpet and Nandi Hills

  1. A potter’s workplace always gives you chances to click fascinating photographs. I don’t do it myself but really enjoy watching someone’s else work. Your photos, as usual, came out superb.

  2. kousik: yes, can result in some interesting photos. i’d earlier gone to pottery town in bangalore and that too was fascinating! thanks!

    born a libran: thanks! no aperture tricks šŸ™‚ i focused on the hands and set the aperture slightly lower (not sure what i used, probably between 4-5) to get a good depth of field. it was shot with a 50mm lens so i went quite close. that’s all!

  3. amazing pics, as always. your collection will make a nice coffee table book! you should consider it.


  4. Lovely pics..
    I also went last weekend to damdama lake – close to my place.. within 10 minutes the terrain changed into a village, the hills, camels and what not.. very nice.. got good pics.. one is up on flickr.

  5. Lovely pics of pottery. I especially like the one with all the pots, stretching from the foreground. There is another place called Angallu which is also a sort of potters hub. On the route to Madanapally/AP border from Bangalore.

  6. Hi

    I was googling for a pottery studio, if any, in Bangalore and came across your blog. I am rivetted.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.

  7. @ Amit Das: thanks! i have posted the rest in the link given at the end of the post!

    @ Paavani: thanks!

    @ Tanay: of course šŸ™‚ you can also join in the bangalore shoots gang.

    @ sukanya: thanks! i shall consider that after a few years when i have a decent collection šŸ™‚

    @ Shobha: thanks!

    @ ahmed: thanks!

    @ Twilight Fairy: will check!!

    @ apu: thanks for that! will check it out sometime šŸ™‚

    @ Lubna: thanks! hope you got the information about the classes?

  8. Hi there, Nice pics and blog. Me and my hubbie are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our kinetic. was wondering if the hill roads were safe to ride. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips, Thanks, Kusum

    1. Kusum – thanks! And no, we don’t usually go on a two wheeler. Usually, it’s on cycle so we have no switches to turn off downhill šŸ™‚ The time we visited by car, I don’t remember switching it off!

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