So, I was just packing up to leave yoga class, when my instructor brandishes a sheet of paper in front of me.

“What is this?” I ask.

He just pushes it into my hand without answering.

On the top, it reads, Kareena Kapoor’s diet.

I read it twice and then look at him with a questioning expression.

“How long have you been doing yoga,” he asks.

“Ermm…. About… 6-7 months,” I answer hesitantly, not liking where this is heading.

“And how much weight have you lost?”

“Ermm… a little.”

Actually, around 3 kilos, which is a lot in my book, but due to my already substantial weight, it doesn’t show. So there!

Kareena apparently has lost weight doing the same brand of yoga as I have. For some undecipherable reason, she’s achieved size zero and I’m stuck somewhere at size… 12?

He looks at me with what I thought was some amount of disbelief.

“You need to lose weight, Anita.”

“Uhhh… but why? I am totally happy. I do not want to be like Kareena Kapoor! I have no desire to look like her!”

Besides, I can’t get Saif, so I can’t be bothered.

Okay, I didn’t actually say that but you see the point.

Kareena has a career to build, a brand new boyfriend on her arm, designer clothes she needs to fit into and a lime green bikini she needs to parade.

Me – I have no such lofty (or lowly) aspirations. My career doesn’t require it; the boyfriend is more like a mirage (I think he exists more in my imagination than in actual life) and I can’t afford designer clothes. So what do I care about size zero?

In my defense, I didn’t even know such a size existed. It’s not one I usually veer towards when shopping for clothes. Even my arm won’t go into a size zero outfit.

Anyway, my point is that I am extremely miffed at all this pressure that Kareena has put on the young (and not so young) women of today.

Granted, she’s really worked hard to get (down to) where she is. And I admire her greatly.

But, seriously.

Every young girl now wants to be size zero. Even at the cost of their health. And by skipping meals and following really unhealthy diets. And not everyone has the resources to get to where Kareena has in the “right way” as she put it : with a personal trainer and a personal dietician to help her achieve her near anorexic look.

Personally, I much preferred the wholesome look but who cares about me. Where did healthy and curvy go? I was happy with Hema, and Dimple and Rani and Mads. When did this obsession with super thin happen?

And I’m also really happy where I am. Of course, I am all for a healthy lifestyle and I do everything within my means : running, yoga, eating properly (indulging once in a while!) – to maintain one reasonably well. But Kareena! She’s introduced a whole new dimension to being healthy all together.

Even my yoga instructor now thinks I am not doing enough to lose weight.

“And you can do it,” he declares confidently. No oil, no carbs, no sweet, no sugar : basically everything I eat ordinarily is out. One measly chappati for lunch (you’ve got to be kidding me!) and no carbs for dinner. Just soup and salad.

Ye gads! Even if I do manage to get down to size zero I’m definitely going to be a very “unhappy and mopey” looking size zero.

No, I think. I wouldn’t really take so much effort. Not even for the lime green bikini. Or Saif, for that matter.

My poor yoga instructor will just have to live with me. And my size… not so zero.

44 thoughts on “Why I’m miffed with Kareena Kapoor!

  1. I’m glad you aren’t going to try getting to size zero (me didn’t know that existed either WOW!). It’s sad we’ve lost the taste for wholesome health. Just be YOU, Anita – you’re pretty just the way you are 🙂 (no kidding)!

  2. Anita: Loosing weight is not difficult. All it requires is tremendous will power. I started by stopping having dinner. My breakfast is an apple. After a while, you actually feel healthy. Try it and let me know, if it works for you 🙂

    OK, everytime, I travel to India, I gain additional pounds 🙁

  3. @ pranjal: give me wholesome health anyday! thank you! 🙂

    @ venky: actually, i feel very healthy anyway 🙂 and there is no way i can skip dinner! or eat an apple for breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day for me!

  4. Every point you raise is correct. It is sad that todays youngsters have to grow up bad body image all because of such hype.

    Does your yoga instructor look like Hrithik or John Abraham or have the 6 pack of Sharukh?? And if he does ask him why he isn’t in the movies??

  5. lol, I don’t find the reason for being thin. And in my perspective looking thin doesn’t make one healthy.

  6. Its unhealthy to become very thin. Kareena going to face problems in future. Guys have a look at your health not at beauty.

  7. “And not everyone has the resources to get to where Kareena has in the “right way””

    Exactly!! and the young college girls who aspire to be “waif-like” like Ms. Kapoor will resort to unhealthy diets and problems like anorexia and bulimia are just around the corner.

    Kareena should be declared a national menace. Somebody feed her some desi ghee wala aloo parathas!!!

    and err…Onita…can you send me the diet 🙂

  8. How many times have I told you that you look lovely the way you are. But who listens to me? Serves you right for choosing to listen to that Kareena-obsessed Yoga teacher. Starve away.
    An aside: That I might attract Saif acts as a HUGE deterrent for me to get to size zero. 😉

  9. @ Radman: gosh, no! he’s really, really good. i have never enjoyed yoga more!

    @ Kishore: yes, i can imagine the stress on young women today and what they go through. i was watching some serial, where a young girl has her stomach stapled so she never puts on weight! so sad.

    Does your yoga instructor look like Hrithik or John Abraham or have the 6 pack of Sharukh??
    hehe 🙂 obviously not! but he’s really trim and fit. and he’s very good at what he does! 🙂

    @ sakthi: true, you can’t equate being thin with being healthy!

    @ Hemu: true, true and exactly my point 🙂

    @ Aqua: of course! anything to help you acheive size zero, m’dear. I do realise it’s your life’s ambition 😉

    @ Usha: oh thank you! thank you! that is so nice 🙂 and i totally believe you. i am trying to convince my instructor that i look good this way too!

    and i wouldn’t want to be stuck with saif either. what would i do with him! :-\

  10. Even i dont like the size zero Kareena even though i would like to ogle at slim and slender girls. According to me size zero ones look more like thin men, you know what i mean. I’m wondering how Saif is coping with it.

  11. This reminds me of the time a decade and half back when I was so naturally thin that I could not find clothes for me (waist 27). Now of course, I am at the other end of the spectrum, and still can’t find decent clothes for me either. 😛 Was that my size zero age earlier in my life? I don’t remember it to be nice, so I have no desire to go back to that.

    I just had a dietician check me at Fitness One, and just like you banned all good food for me too – even good fruits :(!

  12. @ Umesh: i wonder too 🙂

    @ Sandip: oh god, that sounds like a tougher diet than my intructor’s! but why fruits? i think i am feeling much better already 🙂

  13. Anita, you look great!

    I once tried giving up sugar in my tea (I know I don’t really need to lose weight but I used to be really thin but 3 hours of basketball and badminton were responsible for it, no such luxury now) and I started getting dizzy. So I got back to taking sugar in a week 🙂 And if someone asks me to give up tea, they just had it!

  14. I live and believe ‘this-moment’. My food habit was condemned by many of my well wishers, as I was a pure non-vegetarian. Once I had a mind set like why to restrict myslef from taking NV, aftr all I am enjoying? But my theory was bit-shaken once I heard from Yoga session that who does wish to invite trouble at old stage. So now I am half V-NV. It’s a matter of balancing. Kareena, leave her. it’s her business.

  15. You look perfectly fine, Anita 🙂

    Next time, he tells you about somebody else, ask him to quit teaching Yoga and start working out in the gym(to build biceps n 8 pack abs) so that he finds Kareena after Saif!

  16. Don’t let Kareena faze you ! Kareena gets paid to work out and get to size zero. Also a part of her profession is to kiss strangers and watch her boyfriend (Saif today, God knows who tomorrow) do the same as well.

    Put another way, could a Kareena write this article ? Me thinks not. Each of us are one of a kind, and size zero Kareena looks like a 14 year old boy sans sprouting facial hair…

  17. :)..Hey maaro goli to Kareena ..u knw what is best for you 🙂 ..coem to think of it ..she must not even be eating all those paani puria,bhelpuri ,Chats 🙂 and what not 🙂 …

  18. Why must you look at Kareena as a model for weight loss? ( frankly I prefer the fuller figured Kareena over the skinny model).

    As for losing weight, the formula is very simple:

    Calories in

  19. I found your blog through twitter. Nice Blog.

    I think Kareena is a part of the same cycle of which other gals are part of too. I think how this starts of is, Some smart person in a modelling agency starts hiring girls who are size zero only. So models start dieting and want a size zero figure just to be a part of the fashion industry. Then Hollywood and Cosmetic Companies take a cue from there and hire Size Zero models, mainly because they are promoted by the agency. Then that slowly spreads to other countries where western entertainment hungry audience see this models everywhere shown in a better light then their fat counterparts. So by now the consumers in third world country(India) are hungry for size zero models and they don’t want to see anything else as a beauty. Then Cosmetic companies force their brand ambassadors(like Kareena and other anorexic beauties) to lose weight or to lose contract. I think this is how it works. People at the top of the pyramid make the rules and Kareena is just one rung above her “fans and other gals” who want to be just like her. This is my side of the story, i think i am right or very close 😉

  20. Fish KAREENA…please…is life about size zero or is it about being Happy…and is our Mz Kareena Kapoor Happy — please ask your yoga instructor…

    I agree over weight is not good, and its good to excersize and be healthy but hey just because one is not size 0 does not mean there is something wrong with you (and i am slim, however i am healthy and HAPPY too)

    Anita, boss eat 5 meals..small ones and sensible ones and dont kill yrself dieting…well you are doing yoga, and running, you are excersizing and that will show results…

    I personally believe yoga is more for relaxation and not loosing wt…

    anyways you rock girl and keep rocking

  21. This discerning friend of mine zeroed in on Kareena Kapoor’s new avataar and said that she looks like an unhealthy drag queen.

    No sense giving up good food just to wear half a top and a blond wig. Ugh.

  22. @ Mridula: thank you!! btw, tea is good for health. especially green tea. i have at least 3-4 cups a day 🙂

    @ Imthi: what is half nv? 🙂 but you’re right – it’s all about finding the right balance!

    @ Manasa: thank you 🙂 actually, he’s really good, so i wouldn’t want him to quit teaching!

    @ Gulmohar: never! that’s why my title is why i’m miffed with her 🙂

    @ Vidya: that’s true! what is life without paani puri and good wholesome sinful food? 🙂

    @ Rajeev: i’m not looking rajeev 🙂 but other people seem to be! i liked her in jab we met!

    @ Azhar: thanks! i think that was quite a complicated explanation!

    @ Shalini: hehe 🙂 true, true! i would never kill myself dieting *shudder* – i like my meals too much! and thanks – i agree about the yoga. it definitely makes me feel much better.

    @ Vijay Ganesh: hehe 🙂 absolutely. that’s the only way I can do it! very slow!

    @ Bhumika: awww… that’s quite harsh! but the good news is that she is putting on a little weight now!

    No sense giving up good food just to wear half a top and a blond wig. Ugh. – hehe 🙂

  23. Hi i enjoyed reading your post. your instructor is too much. I also have some characters here who keep saying the same thing to me look at kareena…… well she is setting the wrong image to all youngsters by losing too much weight

  24. WTH, hey not everybody wants to be size zero.I don’t like the new Kareena to start with , she has to be thin because of the body revealing she has got to do to entice the audience , we don’t need to do that and do you honestly think that she lost it by doing yoga or pills and injections?
    BTW I have a serious crush on Saif

  25. @ santhoshi: he’s actually really good and does some amazing yoga sessions 🙂

    @ az azura: that’s true! and i am so glad that not everyone has that ambition! she did it doing yoga and dieting (and going to the gym!). Saif? Hmm… I am still undecided about him 🙂

    @ shankar: thanks 🙂

  26. Hi, Reading you for the first time, infact I started a Blogmyself this morning and recvd ur link thru my brother.
    Well ur right., people are practising unhealthy diet nowadays.
    They shud understand that the body needs good food and we need to exercise to burn the unnecessary fat!
    I wonder when such blessed rays of thought would hit people.
    Do read me when ur free @

  27. Hi,

    I was looking stuff about Bangalore and ended up in your blog. Once upon a time i was a blooger too. Reading your articles bought me the urge of starting to write again.
    Your sense of humour and your pictures both have a non-revealed understanding btw one another! I like it.
    Hope you write more and keep us updated 🙂

  28. Hey Anita!
    A lot of us – those who have met / interacted with you – like you the way you are. So, dude-ess, rock on!

  29. Can you please send me Kareena kapoor’s diet? I have been desperately searching the internet for it but have failed to come up with the correct information. I be very thankful.

  30. hey

    don’t even try to diet…..what will happen to all those sunday brunches’ that u keep going 🙂

  31. Hi Anita,

    To each his own!! Everythouht towards another
    object other than yourself in this fashion is
    counter productive. Why not focus your energy
    on whatever makes you, ‘Anita’ happy? It is so
    easy to critize someone like her. She does not
    have an easy role in work or in life. Yet, she
    has to be burdened by the additional trash of
    ugly jealousy, hatred, cattyness, of women
    who even if they really worked at it may never
    achieve the ‘look’. The ‘green eyed’ monster
    will always rear its ugly head one way or the other. You need to focus on what is ‘best’ for
    you. Others will figure out what that is for
    themselves. Give people some credit!! I don’t
    believe in all this nonsense that the culture
    will be ‘contaminated’ by a ‘screen’ personality who has to work while being a size
    0 is part of her financial equation.
    I loved your blog. I had huge fun reading it. I
    hope you have success with it as a project if
    that is what you wish. Stay away from putting
    other women down because of how they look,
    due to their professions (pressures you know
    nothing about), concentrate on yourself.
    How to make yourself happier being who you are,
    whatever size ‘you’ choose to be.

  32. Hey, that size 0 is the size of a teenager! My 13yr old and most of her friends wear that size!I’d rather be an 8 with hips and something for my man to grab!

  33. hey size zero won’t get all the gals into modelling or bollywood so better be happy with whatever weight one has. and ofcourse maintain a healthy lifestly rather going ga-ga over someone else vital stats.And if everyone started wearing size zero clothes, who are going to wear the other sizes….

  34. Did you know that a survey on 100+ years women and men revealed that they neither gained nor lost more than five kilos in their entire life. If they were fat, they remained fat. Health has a lot to do with self esteem, not sizes.
    This survey is from a Deepak Chopra book, BTW.

  35. Hey Anita ! Like your blog. I’m looking out for a good yoga instructor in Koramangala. Since you’re happy with your’s, could you give me his contact details? Or of any other recommendations you have? Would really appreciate. Thanks!

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