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Auroville Encore!

My 3rd visit this year. And now I present, based on my multiple trips, things to do in Auroville.

Cycle: Yes, I did it again. And I even managed not to fall off one!
Ride: Lunas are really cool and they’re easy to maneuver too. I even progressed to a Kinetic and took pillion and here’s a pat on the back to the lady who volunteered to be my passenger!)
Eat: (you’ll never tire of the fresh vegetables and salads : they are delicious. And the desserts too – yummy!)
Eat brown bread and peanut butter: – I have just one thing to say – Don’t miss it!
Shop: (candles, trinkets, clothes, handmade paper items, bags, hats, sandals… need I go on?)
Swim: (take a dip into the sea at the nearest beach or the pool)
Walk: (it’s so green and beautiful, you’ll never tire of the open spaces)
Run: (I was too lazy to wake up early in the morning, but one lady did run miles and miles and enjoyed it thoroughly)
Repeat all steps

Is it any wonder why I keep going back? 🙂

on the luna
My first time riding a 2-wheeler – Thanks to Shalini for recording the momentous occasion!


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