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The house on St Marks Road

House on St Marks

Amidst high rise buildings, swanky stores and restaurants, this abandoned house located in prime property on St Marks road is bound to grab your attention when you walk past.

House on St Marks Road

In the shade of some lovely old trees, the house stands tired, broken, and falling apart – painting a rather sad picture. We were having breakfast at MTR just adjacent to the house when we sauntered in with our cameras. Though I’ve always wondered about this building, I’ve never actually bothered to find out more about the place.

This morning, while looking around, I remembered a story that a friend of mine told me about the house. That it was haunted and at night, people have heard piano music playing inside.
Broken down car

A web search tells me that the house was inhabited by two sisters. – Dulcie and Vera Vaz. Since this was prime property, it was constantly under pressure from land sharks. Around 2001, amidst all this, Dulcie Vaz was murdered, while Vera managed to flee and the case remains unsolved. After that, the house and property have been under litigation.
Rag picker

The broken down, dusty and dirty car – a Hillman Minx – in the driveway adds the required effect to the whole scene, which seems to be straight out of a scary movie. You wouldn’t want to be caught here alone at night! There’s a rag picker going around gathering stuff from the ground while we wander about. Not sure what they find here though. It’s smelly, dirty and seems to have become a dumping ground in more ways than one. The textured walls are crumbling, but behind the grime you can tell that it was beautiful once upon a time.
Crumbling walls

In front of the house in the same property, someone is now building a concrete narrow structure that is likely going to become another shopping or commercial complex. And maybe some day, this building too will be claimed. But until then, the house remains unclaimed… and one can well imagine why.

Sketch of the car
A blog post
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  1. Have noticed this house every time I am on St. Mark’s Road. This post has answered many questions. 🙂

  2. Very atmospheric shots; I especially like the one with the car and the man stooping to pick something up in the background. I’ll be in Bangalore in March, maybe this house will still be there.

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  4. One of the many heritage sights in Bangalore that is an absolute mess now? The rag picker in the picture is a stunning show of what the city is today. What he finds must be what other people threw into this building as garbage.

  5. @keshav: yes, we did! but we actually had breakfast at the MTR next door!

    @bjorn: the house will definitely be there when you visit! it’s been there for many years now 🙂

    @shrinidhi: it’s probably got a very strong foundation like most old buildings.

    @ijanagraaha: i believe it’s a favourite with rag pickers. since it’s an empty plot a lot of rubbish gets deposited here!

  6. George says

    None of you people went inside ? You can go in and check out through the broken window . And well now the walls have names of college students .

  7. kalyanasundaram says

    In the year 2011 people still believe in this nonsense? Hey come on brave Bangaloreans there is no such thing like ghosts. Its all imagination

  8. Just yesterday we just went near the house and were shooed away by the security guards… At such a commercial place like the St Marks, its really surprising nothing has been done bout the property…but it defn adds to a kind of an experience

  9. muzammil says

    its realy hunted yesterday only we went that place when we enter the house that house is so danger

  10. surenbv says

    I remember tis place when couple of friends and i visited around 3 in the morning… There is a red light lit in the hall…although a frnd tells me that power connection has been removed for some years now….

  11. Ricky Saikia says

    we sme friends r planing to go to this haunted house…aftr our university xam… in this april…
    let see what hapns…

  12. Navya says

    m a cottonian n i went n here today !!
    it was freakin scary !!!!!

  13. NAsh says

    This plAces is nt even haunted….me and my frndzz will be hangin out in tat place all most all times…

  14. kiran says

    I had been to this place last year in the afternoon at around 2 pm with my friend. went through each and every room inside, the place is a mansion. imagine the life style people were leaving in the house at that time, its a pity that a beautiful house in the heart of the city is left abandoned.

    The bottle of salt and sugar is exactly as it is with all the cup and saucers kept in the shelf in a very neat manner, there was a bit of sauce spilt on the table. a dusty piano with a lot of wooden chairs, there are liquor bottles around everywhere on the ground, think some people spend the night here to drink.

  15. Moinak says

    Anyone interested in doing spooky stuff or gettin into these places ?? Lets meet up n find some horror stuff hre… Btw n xcellnt article., skype add MOINAK SENGUPTA

  16. I had been there two days Back at around midnight
    Was planning to go inside with my three friends
    But the security stopped us to go inside
    He strongly claimed something spooky
    And told not to go inside
    It was really spooky when suddenly a dozen of bats came out from the broken windöws there
    This incident made us more curious and we are planning to visit it at Day tym

  17. Name syed I had seen th red light was buring. realy ther is something pls be carefull

  18. ASjad says

    we had been there yestd around 2 30 am …its not that scary but there is something odd type of feeling there

  19. Susan says

    I live next door to this place. My bedroom window overlooks this house. I’ve had servants who say it is haunted, but I have had no problems… other than the fact people throw enormous amounts of garbage behind it and then set fire to the garbage.

  20. Nicky says

    I explored that house today nd found a few interesting things…An old ash tray from bangkok a christmas card from the year 1967 were a couple of my findings…

  21. Nicky that ash tray its so dam spooky…i hav a odd feeling abt dat mansion..nd der s a red flashing light in dat video u took..

  22. Nicky says

    @jj…Yea i noe…Somethings wrong with d stuf i found…Betta go keep it back der b4 something serious happens…

  23. vishal says

    I went to the house the day before by some 10pm. I saw an old piano with the legs broken about which the people nearby complained that it makes sound at nights. I also noticed that one room was damn cold comparing to the other rooms.

  24. Radha Vasam says

    So does anyone know what happened to Ms Vera Vaz, apparently she has a younger sister Joy Preston, all the sisters including Dulcies are prodigious talented in music. Gold Medalists as per Barbara Thomas a retired music teacher of Bishop Cotton (googled a lot).

  25. arpan masih says

    actually i went to piano classes just like 100 steps frof there. and i saw that house but i didnt knew that it was haunted.

  26. rebecca says

    I want to know more about the Vaz family and if anyone is still alive what happened to the sister Vera and was the murderer ever found? Also i here the sister who was murdered was also buried there was her body recovered or is it still there if it is then y did the police not dig it up n do a postmotum

  27. akhib says

    63, St Marks Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Sampangi Rama Nagar
    Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 ? 135 m NE

    here you go…;P

  28. sunil says

    is that real?
    piano sound and all??
    and, there are really non-sense ghosts and all???
    how is that possible in this gen???

  29. Victor says

    Wow !! This is almost surreal. This is the house of my singing instructor in school , Ms Vera Vaz. It breaks my heart to see the sorry state of the house. I do hope Ms vaz is fine and keeping well.

    • It would be humbling if you could share a picture of Ms. Vera Vas. I am sure you might find it in your yearbook or perhaps somewhere. It would just really put the whole picture together. Please do make the effort. I thank you in advance. 🙂

  30. shubham says

    send me the name of the area and the correct address of this area…im going there…any1 interested can join..

  31. sumit pandeybr says

    where exactly it is on st.mark road????, can u tell me d adjact location so that i could be through place exactly after getting the exact location….

  32. Prashanth says

    superb im going to do research and paranormal activity on this i will visit this house on mid night……

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