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The house on St Marks Road

House on St Marks

Amidst high rise buildings, swanky stores and restaurants, this abandoned house located in prime property on St Marks road is bound to grab your attention when you walk past.

House on St Marks Road

In the shade of some lovely old trees, the house stands tired, broken, and falling apart – painting a rather sad picture. We were having breakfast at MTR just adjacent to the house when we sauntered in with our cameras. Though I’ve always wondered about this building, I’ve never actually bothered to find out more about the place.

This morning, while looking around, I remembered a story that a friend of mine told me about the house. That it was haunted and at night, people have heard piano music playing inside.
Broken down car

A web search tells me that the house was inhabited by two sisters. – Dulcie and Vera Vaz. Since this was prime property, it was constantly under pressure from land sharks. Around 2001, amidst all this, Dulcie Vaz was murdered, while Vera managed to flee and the case remains unsolved. After that, the house and property have been under litigation.
Rag picker

The broken down, dusty and dirty car – a Hillman Minx – in the driveway adds the required effect to the whole scene, which seems to be straight out of a scary movie. You wouldn’t want to be caught here alone at night! There’s a rag picker going around gathering stuff from the ground while we wander about. Not sure what they find here though. It’s smelly, dirty and seems to have become a dumping ground in more ways than one. The textured walls are crumbling, but behind the grime you can tell that it was beautiful once upon a time.
Crumbling walls

In front of the house in the same property, someone is now building a concrete narrow structure that is likely going to become another shopping or commercial complex. And maybe some day, this building too will be claimed. But until then, the house remains unclaimed… and one can well imagine why.

Sketch of the car
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